Friday, June 7, 2013

My Mom And Family
WELL I LOVE THE MTC, besides the no napping!  I nod off a few times, but since I have my companion he hits me, so i'm good :)   Today is friday and we had 6 hours of class time!  It was muy espanol hablan!  Muy loco!  Es vernes muy biene?  Mi vernes es muy fantastico!  MTC es muy bien lugar for espitu' y sentimente Jesu Cristo!
The food is muy bien!  But the orange juice does make you sick.  I took on the challenge of drinking 12 glasses of orange juice in a contest.  I lost by 1/3 of a glass!  It was fine until later when I felt sick!  Then I just threw it up and loved life again.  I'm great my companion is amazing!  Oh and on June 23rd on I think BYU tv there is the MTC Worldwide Conference at the Marriott Center!  Guess who joined the choir to sing to the Prophet and apostles?  Me!!! K-CYA!
Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

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