Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chester made himself a new home!

Zone Leader Conference
Well I had an experience that is for sure. We played soccer on the beach in the morning and we always play without shoes but I went for the ball and I stepped on a piece of glass. I was just going for the ball that was right out side of the field. It started to bleed a little bit but then I just went home and washed it out and wrapped it up with some stuff mom gave me and I slid it back into place but I can still feel the little cut. So I learned  you have to look where you are going always, so you can get to your destination without harm. Now I relate this to our investigators, we have to help them see the whole picture or guide them and prepare them for lifes' unknowns such as temptations. That is our goal to have converts that stay strong and when they fall down they know how to get back up.   ( I just need to have someone tell me where the glass is at. ha! ha!) 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Command Central

Studying Hard!

Storm Brewing!

View from the roof
 Island Breeze keep coming.....

Welcome to the Blog of Elder Hunter Darren DeVries. I currently have served 14 months of my mission. Some call me an old missionary but we are really the youngest and hottest things that are in the mission. Ha! Ha! Alright well so life as a missionary has been awesome and I love every minute of it! We had a rough month in July because here in Carmen City, they bought a statue to worship for 7 million US dollars and they partied from the 15 of July to 31 of July. It was a difficult month finding new people with everyone partying  but we were able to pick the wheat from the tares. We have a few people coming up with a date for Baptism and we are excited for them!!! We have a lot of investigators just from contacting and we have a few part member families that we are teaching!!! Then to top it all off  The president of the Mission called us to be Zone Leaders. I still can't believe it because me and Elder Petersen are still together because he called us both. We are going on 5 months in the same house. We are loving it! We contacted a huge ADO bus while riding into Villahermosa and back,  it was awesome to feel like a real missionary and do that!!! We also are trying to get the members more involved and help us with the work here, because this is the Members work we are just here to help! I would like to invite everyone of you to read the Story of Joseph Smith in the Pearl of Great Price and then think how many of your friends haven't heard of that story, and more then anything haven't prayed to know if it is true. I invite you to write down your friends names and give these names to the missionaries with the direction of the house and go with them! Be a part of the RESTORATION!!! Love you  and I know you will feel the importance of the gospel if you do it! I got my package!!! I love the Dove soap! It is awesome but hot in Villahermosa!  It was a alright week, Zone Leaders do a lot of different things but we are getting used to it.

Elder Hunter Darren DeVries