Monday, June 16, 2014

We had a great week!! We had two baptisms this week and we are working to have a baptism this saturday and four baptisms for the 28th. We are so happy for our investigators. We baptisted a Dad and here daughter this week. His name is Luciano. He can't hear and yet he accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! He read the whole book of mormon in a month and has already read the Bible 3 times and is half way through Gospel Principles, we teach him with a whiteboard. He fulfilled the scripture in Isaiah 29:18 and I am proud to be able to have helped him be baptized. But let us start from the beginning we were contacting one day and just as we were about to leave we hear a man from across the street. It was Luciano and he asked us if we could teach his daughters about God, and you know us we gladly took the chance from that point on we passed by every two days and only had to bring them to church once. Luciano made sure his daughters came with him. He had just had heart surgery so he had to stop his life long addiction four months before and he stopped drinking coffee the moment we told him. Now if you missed what I said He is deaf. So how did he see us from a house that only has one small window. I testify that God works and prepares people to listen to the gospel. I so testify that revelations have not stopped from existing much like the revelation found in Isaiah much like President Monson and his counselors give us direction today. We need to participate in the Work of Salvation! There are people, just look!!!! I promise that you will feel the joy that I feel if you leave behind yourself and put the Savior first. But I promise you will find your self in Him.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Well Dad,

I am glad you think so highly of Elder Petersen and me, President is looking to find divine companionships and I think he wants to give us one more transfer together. I really think this might be  the transfer that we baptist more than 8 people!!! I am so excited and really the work is coming along. We are just doing what we are asked to do and seeing the blessing come!! We are excited to have so many family come into the gospel and to see the change that is happening in them. We are proud to be called missionaries. But we are still striving to be better for example, we just had the Stake Conference and one of my best friends that I met on the mission, Elder Bromley spoke. We have know each other since the MTC and his spainsh blows me away. It makes me want to be better and to continue to be the Lords Instrument. I really honestly can say I still cant believe I am a missionary. I still look at certain missionaries like o my good golly gosh, that is a missionary. Yet I am one. I believe the Lord always wants us to be better and to find the best in people so that we can use it for our benefit. I love this work and  I testify as a Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ it is true and I am grateful for everday that I have here!!! I love you so much!!! 

Elder DeVries

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alright lets start off by saying that this week was amazing in the sense that I slept a lot but terrible in the sense that I was sleeping because I was so sick. But we just made the best out of the sick moments of last week, with a few shots in the butt and some mexican medicine, and all that jazz. But really we are quite happy with the progress that we are making with our investigators. We had another soild week with 8 people coming to church from our Investigator pool, and they best of all is that they were two families. We are so excited for them because both families want to be baptized. One family is Lusiano and his two daughters. He read the Whole Book of Mormon and accepts all the doctrine, even though he can't hear. We write on a whiteboard to teach him. Also his daughters are super excited to get baptized and they are reading the Book of Mormon!!! Then we have the Family of a recent convert named Gerado. They are a family of 9 and 7 of them went to Church this Sunday. We are super excited for them because when we started teaching them they were really timid and quiet. But now even the youngest of six years participates in the lessons and knows a lot. We are super excited for them and the oldest daughter cried because she prayed to know if they Church is true and felt peace and warmth in her body. She actually asked us if she could be baptized early!!! First time that has happened to me in the mission. We are excited for our other investigators too and we are continuing to  work with them!!! Even if you get sick, Let the Good Times Roll. Whats better than your Best Two Years!!!!