Monday, June 24, 2013

4th week email

Well, this week was amazing! Monday and Tuesday were just as always filled with a breathers but work! Then wednesday, my whole district went and picked up their visas in Boisie Idaho! So I was alone all day and I had to be in a Tri-companionship! It was awesome though! I got one on one help from the teachers and I taught a lesson on a split. The lesson was simply the best lesson I have ever taught, my companion was one of my teachers. He went in pretending he was a member, I taught a good portion of the lesson. But I had never really felt the spirit talk through me so much besides nauvoo and sons of helman. It was amazing and I can tell you without a doubt that when I gave the closing prayer, the spirit brought words to my mind that I barely knew how to say let alone say it correctly. My teacher told me afterwards that wasn't me and I totally agreed with him. Thursday I went to pick up my visa and had to be at the airport by 7! So we left the MTC by 5 45 and got on tracks and frontrunner. It was so weird being in the outside world again! Some people would smile and others would go to a different cart ha ha! It was great just waving to people and having a conversation. But the badge makes you different and some people were welcome to it and others were running as fast as they could! We got to the airport and I ate some Jamba Juice! It was simply divine! Honestly, the food at the MTC is sooooo old! I drink V8 juices as much as I can! The plane was so cramp but we got there safetly and I saw the Ogden Valley and the Sewer plant ha ha! We then arrived went got our Visas in like 30 minutes, visited the smurf turf, and ate at a burger joint then went and waited in the airport for ever! We returned to the MTC by 8:30 PM! Oh and I was in the Boisie, Idaho Mission Office! Yep, it's official I served one day in Boisie, Idaho!!!! Went inside the Boisie Temple!!!! Friday was just normal but I got sick! Then on Saturday i got worst but I went to all my classes! I meet my mission president Morales and his wife! They are so chill and amazing! He speaks ENGLISH and his wife is learning!!!!! He has 3 kids 16, 15, 12! He meet his wife while they were teaching at the LDS high school that got converted to the Mexico MTC! I am so excited for Villahermosa, Mexico, more now than ever!!! I really think that I'm going be serving along the coast to start but we'lll see! Yesterday was amazing, the MTC conference was so cool! I was in choir and I locked eyes with BEDNAR and we waved at each other! It was amazing to sing for the apostles! That session really is going to speed up the work! I am so excited to work with the members in mexico!
Elder DeVries

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