Monday, June 3, 2013

letter to mom

Hey Mom
The work is good.  The food is good besides it bad for the tubes!!! Ha! Ha!  Really though Me gusta el MTC!  Es muy beuno!  Jesus Christo armoso mi y el nundo.  Dios armoso el mundo y hijos!  dios bendice mi don lenguce!  I justed watched a Holland talk that is only shown in MTC.  I'll try to even touch upon that amazing talk. It was given on thanksgiving last year.  He talked about this being the final dispensation, how we are the ones that have been prepared.  Also That Joseph Smith was a Prophet that continued to Teach Jesus Christ's Love from day one.  To Sum up when you serve the Son of God, You are taking your hand and lifting the load of his gospel.  No matter how small your contribution it doesn't matter because it means the world to the Savior.    If you want to give up as a missionary remember Jesus didn't give up on you!

                                                  I LOVE THIS PLACE!
                                                             K CYA!
                                                            Elder DeVries

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