Monday, February 24, 2014

So this week we were able to give service and I would like to talk about something I noticed. Here where I am serving, they don't use gloves to work, it is weird because it is super dirty here but I am use to it and they are too. So we were destroying a cement wall with a sledge hammer and I got a blister the size of my lower palm, it was pretty cool. But it hurt so I didn't want to work as hard to make it worse. I kept working because we wanted to help out our investigator until it was done. This is the same when we are not prepared with the proper equipment it hurts or limits our full potential. We need to prepare ourselves with daily scripture study, praying constantly, attending church, full-filling our callings, and doing our best to be better prepared to serve Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We know that we must love the Lord thy God with all thine heart but also equal to it our fellow man. So we must prepare to serve them and continue to be better everyday. I am not saying that your life will be easier but it will be better. The best things in life are worth fighting for and I am fighting for Him, my family, my future family, and everyone that I know. Now is better than later, I invite you to put goals down and start today. Make your life in line with the Savior. 
Dad I can proudly say that I am getting up at 6 30 every morning. I do feel like I am getting ready for something but I am not quite sure what ha ha! But Dad I am here to work and I know that you would expect nothing less of me. I carry His name and just as important I carry your name with me, Elder Hunter DARREN DeVries. I am glad that you are being humbled everyday at home and dont worry I will continue to help you out when I get home. Remember the Hot Chocolate that you sent me, well I made a trade with a investigator for his coffee, he will now be baptized on the 15 of March!!! He is excited to start the Hot Chocolate life! So thank you soo much for that!!! Dad I love you so much and I am thankful for the example that you always gave me! I look forward to talking more about the gospel with you when I get home, so I can study in English again ha ha!!!! Love ya!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 It is short and sweet! The Holy Ghost can touch the heart of one and they will still be afraid to accept it! I was on splits Wednesday and we visited an old investigator and taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taught to her needs. Then asked her if she would be baptized on a certain date and she she told me just as the Holy Ghost was touching our hearts, I don't know. Well I know she needs this and it isn't easy but I know that she will be blessed if receives it. So I follow my testimony and that of my companion and ask her if she thinks the Church is true. She said Yes. Then told her if this is The Church of Jesus Christ established that means this is the only church that has His power or authority to be baptized in His name, so will you be baptized by someone with this authority and she said Yes. Then I put down the date and she said she doesn't want to change her religion because she is comfortable with hers. I ask her if she has every attended our church, she said no. I ask her if she reads the Book of Mormon evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet and pray, and then attend this Sunday she would receive a an answer, she did not come! She was touched by the Holy Ghost and yet didn't come. Not the story that you expected right but I am here to tell you we won't give up but how sad is it when the Holy Ghost really touched her heart but yet she didn't want to exercise her Faith in the Savior and try to know. I humbly pray that we must always give the lessons with the Holy Ghost but I also can tell you that salvation is a personal choice. I just hope I will be the person to help them realize it is a choice worth taking! 

 My week went well I am learning a lot and I was able to be senior for a day in a division and honestly I felt the Holy Ghost so much during my day.   We just crushed it with the Holy Ghost in everyone of our lessons and we were able to say what we wanted to say! I think he is showing me what I need to become and who I should be.
Straining the worms out of the water!

We have worms in our water.  So we put towels over the spout and fill the bucket and use it.  Then the worms are filtered by the towels and we don't get them  on us. Hopefully!  I am being very humbled by this area, but lovin life!  I hope to never take clean water for granted.
Working hard to make contacts!  or   Casting pearls before swine.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hunter can iron? WHAT?
I AM STAYING IN MY AREA!!!! I am doing great mom! I really am excited to stay for one more transfer!  We are putting down a lot of dates for baptism and getting everyone ready to get in the water. I am where I need to be, I know that!  I have come to the conclusion that we all have choices or decisions to make. Every one of them have a conclusion, whether it is big or small, it does have a conclusion. I think that Gods Plan He thought over and He knew we would have to learn for ourselves, rather than be given knowledge. But it is hard for a parent to give their child an experience in which they know they will suffer, they will be tried, and they will question WHY ME? But think more then this. Think of all the great experiences that He has given us and all the many things that help us know He lives. ALMA 30:44 gives us an answer to this. But I testify He loves us and through His decision to send us here, we can decide to follow the greatest tool He has sent us or not, our Brother Jesus Christ. How sweet it truly is, to know that my Redeemer LIVES! I can only imagine the decisions that I might have to give my children one day but if I live His principles and His teachings I will be just fine but I already knew that because I have great parents, so I learned a thing or two! Decide to chose HIM, His plan, His example, and more importantly then anything, accept His LOVE! I bare solemn and humble testimony as a Servant of God, our Choices reflect our lives and we can be happy if we Choice the Right! Love you guys and this is my prayer for each and everyone of you!

Breakfast of Champions!