Monday, November 25, 2013

Well how are you guys? I had a great week we have a lot of investigators progressing, we have a new house and I am super excited to move into it this week! I really am doing great, the work is progressing and we are trying to have six baptisms this month. We have investigators but we need to find more families to teach. We are really getting it going! Me and my companion are clicking and using English and Spanish to learn together. I am using only Spanish now to study to get the language down even better. We now have Noche de Barrio which is a night which the ward can come and enjoy a movie and play soccer after to bring investigators and it is working! We have quite a few coming for the activities. We had a great week of rain and luckily our areas have not been flooded. I have been enjoying the high 80 to low 70 weather and everyone else is in a jacket or coat! Love you guys and see you in a month! 

Our New House!!!

 Our apartment is really nice and it has hot water!!!  It is really close to the church and is soooooo nice!  It is only 1800 pesos a month.  It is just for me and my companion!  We move in this month!!  We don't have any furnishings!! ha ha We don't n couches or any stuff like that.  We are here to work not relax.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I really don't have a good story this week but I will literally tell you what I think of the word Patience from my experience in Mexico. I love the culture and the people but the language is a thing of patience and something that challenges me everyday. I had a rough time with my last companion but I learned that when you show patience for people, good things happen. I was blessed to have 6 weeks and have 3 baptisms with my last companion. We didn't agree on a lot of things but I knew that I was here to learn and grow from the attributes that he had that would prepare me to become a better person, future husband, and father. I learned a lot in my time and I learned that we must show our patience and endure well and Heavenly Father will always bless us.
 I have been blessed with a new companion in which he knows a little English but wants to know it for a second language to study at BYU. I told him that I will help him and talk slowly in the house in Spanish. We are becoming very close and the work here is improving. When we show patience for others it is act of love. I love when the members show patience and help me with my Spanish, so when I am with a  investigator I can speak better. Patience is one of the Christ like attributes I am learning everyday and loving it. Love you guys and hope to hear from you soon!
Sounds like you had a fun week! I am early because that is how it is going to go on now. But anyways I love my companion we have a lot of new investigators that we are getting ready to have a date for baptism because our goal is to have 5 by Christmas. 
We are really working as a team, he can speak English and is really receptive and amazing. His name is Elder Juarez and he is from Guatemala. Our week went really bad from the numbers stand point but we are looking for a house and there has been a lot of flooding so we have been giving service. But everything is good where we live right now! I am doing great and the Spanish is coming little by little. The members here don't want me to leave so I am super happy about that. This transfer is only 5 weeks but I think I will stay for two more transfers. I hope so because I love my area. Tell bailey to break a leg that way people wont see her as a hotbox dancer. Sorry to hear about Luke!!!!! Love you and hope to hear from you soon! 
We have been helping move their things out of their houses, I gave them some of my food to eat. Our apartment is on the second store exactly for this reason of problems with flooding. My companion is awesome, he is super smart, wants to study at BYU  so I am getting him ready. His family all are members and he is the youngest. He is really chill but on the ball and wants to help me. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two ways

Two Ways.
Alright, let us go on a journey or what I like to call a spiritual Candy. So now I will use a little example. There are two different candy shops that offer free candy! Yes free candy and one looks like it has delicious candy and the other has candy that looks normal but is known only to those who try it. One shop holds candy that is very pleasing to the human eye but once you taste it you have a sour taste in your mouth after one second of flavor. The other is a shop that holds ordinary candy to the eyes but holds candies that last for ever in your mouth and are sweet and never loses it flavor.
These two different shops are the World and the Gospel. They are on the same Street that you walk on or the same life you live. You can have either have candy for free but one is the true flavor that will never end. The gospel gives you the joy and pleasure in your life when you get your daily dose of scriptures, prayer, and sharing the gospel. The great thing is there is no daily dose, you can take as much as you want and you will not get fat! :) I love you all and I think of you often! Remember the lord is always with you!

My companions Halloween costume.


 Love you Guys!!!!  Had a great week! Just sitting in a Mexican cyber cafĂ© with pouring rain outside.  We have transfers but I am staying and my companion is leaving.  I helped confirm the Holy Ghost to a young boy in our ward.  It went really well!!!  We will see what this transfer brings.  I am excited and nervous.  Hope that all is well at home. Love you!  I really want to study more but I think with this new transfer I will have more time to study. 
This game was so much fun!  President was awesome to hang out with.  Someone in our zone made our shirts, they really turned out Amazing!! 
    This will be the first time I will be showing an area.  It has been six weeks in this area.  I know my new companion a little bit, he is super chill and he knows one of the Peruvians in our district.  Every six weeks we have a transfer, the next one is on December 24th.  Crazy huh! 
Talk to you later.  Love you guys!!