Friday, June 28, 2013

Hi Mom
I'm doing great!  The food is getting old and I'm leaving for mexico in 10 days! I know I'm kind of a big deal,but thats because I have a greaat companion.  I'm sure trek will be great, just make sure you drink plenty of water the week before you go.  You had a dream about me huh?  Well I wish I could say the same, but I just fall asleep and wake up!  Cruise, after the mission to Villerhermosa or Mexico.  I haven't visited anymore with my mission president.  No, I wont be traveling with him, he leaves one week before me.  I'm so excited!  Our zone is great & I make sure everyone is involved,   Kcya
                                                                         Sincerely Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

Ask dad: Trey Burke to the jazz???Bet me a t-shirt

Good to hear from you.  The fireside was simply incredible.  I locked  eyes with Bednar & we waved at each other.  Mom's feeling adventureous with softball huh?  I know the lord wants me to be successful!  I need Ramona and Al's address.  Email it to me.I have 10 days crazy huh?  I'm always smiling! :)
                                                                Sincerely Hunter Darren DeVries

Monday, June 24, 2013

4th week photos

4th week email

Well, this week was amazing! Monday and Tuesday were just as always filled with a breathers but work! Then wednesday, my whole district went and picked up their visas in Boisie Idaho! So I was alone all day and I had to be in a Tri-companionship! It was awesome though! I got one on one help from the teachers and I taught a lesson on a split. The lesson was simply the best lesson I have ever taught, my companion was one of my teachers. He went in pretending he was a member, I taught a good portion of the lesson. But I had never really felt the spirit talk through me so much besides nauvoo and sons of helman. It was amazing and I can tell you without a doubt that when I gave the closing prayer, the spirit brought words to my mind that I barely knew how to say let alone say it correctly. My teacher told me afterwards that wasn't me and I totally agreed with him. Thursday I went to pick up my visa and had to be at the airport by 7! So we left the MTC by 5 45 and got on tracks and frontrunner. It was so weird being in the outside world again! Some people would smile and others would go to a different cart ha ha! It was great just waving to people and having a conversation. But the badge makes you different and some people were welcome to it and others were running as fast as they could! We got to the airport and I ate some Jamba Juice! It was simply divine! Honestly, the food at the MTC is sooooo old! I drink V8 juices as much as I can! The plane was so cramp but we got there safetly and I saw the Ogden Valley and the Sewer plant ha ha! We then arrived went got our Visas in like 30 minutes, visited the smurf turf, and ate at a burger joint then went and waited in the airport for ever! We returned to the MTC by 8:30 PM! Oh and I was in the Boisie, Idaho Mission Office! Yep, it's official I served one day in Boisie, Idaho!!!! Went inside the Boisie Temple!!!! Friday was just normal but I got sick! Then on Saturday i got worst but I went to all my classes! I meet my mission president Morales and his wife! They are so chill and amazing! He speaks ENGLISH and his wife is learning!!!!! He has 3 kids 16, 15, 12! He meet his wife while they were teaching at the LDS high school that got converted to the Mexico MTC! I am so excited for Villahermosa, Mexico, more now than ever!!! I really think that I'm going be serving along the coast to start but we'lll see! Yesterday was amazing, the MTC conference was so cool! I was in choir and I locked eyes with BEDNAR and we waved at each other! It was amazing to sing for the apostles! That session really is going to speed up the work! I am so excited to work with the members in mexico!
Elder DeVries

Friday, June 21, 2013

3rd Week Letters "My Dear Family"

Well Mom let me try to be more detailed, sorry that I wasn't already.  Yea,  I'm in the routine for sure!  Most days I wake up at 6:05 but for sure by6:25!  I just set my alarm on my watch it works great!  I've been waking up fine though that's because school wasn't near as important as this!  Yes I can fit two more shorts and two shirts.  Garments I need more because I didn't think you ran through them that fast but you do.  Socks I found them but I do need more.  I haven't seen anyone besides Elder Braswell & I haven't seen anyone from Fremont this week!  I think they are at the Y view campus.  I talked to Kade on email, it was brief but awesome!  I also emailed Luek and Jorge.  I don't usually sleep with a blanket.  I have had only four in my room since I got here, only some people are privileged for six in a room.  It's not only girls at Y view.  We have four sisters in our district and by next week there will only be two sisters in the zone.  The work is going great here and the language is coming and I'll be the official zone leader on Sunday!   I heard I was on the news when the thousand of us walked to the Marriott Center.  The spirit there was so strong, we talked about a lot of thongs.  The General Authority was Elder Arnold of the first Quorum of the Seventy!  He talked about how important the work truly is!  He talked about how you will be called to the capacity that you think you can fill.  The Lord sent you there fully knowing the capacity you have, as long as you serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength.  Everything simply comes down to your obedience.  I truly know that  are callings we have are fulfilled through the spirit and his faith in God!  It is kinda crazy that I will be listening to an Apostle or two on June 23rd!  Love you and pray for you always. KCYA!
Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

My Mission President will be here next week!  Also I can't wear the pink tie on June 23rd:( for the broadcast.  Dear Elder is the bomb!

HAPPY FATHER"S DAY!!!  June 16th, 2013
Good day today at the MTC!  Dad I Love You So Much!  Without you I wouldn't have had a great example to look up to at all times!  Dad, I'll be honest I wasn't always the greatest helper!  That will always be one of my greatest regrets not spending time with you.  Dad I know that you probably thought a package???  But I wanted to write you on Father's Day!  Today, was a great day but it was my first day where I honestly missed you, besides when you left.  I just wanted to talk to you for a second.  I know that I'll have that opportunity soon!:)  Dad, I just wanted to tell you that everything you taught me at home I've used on my mission.  I stand all amazed at the love you have given me and just like I've said before I wish I would have spent more time helping you.  But I guess it is very similar to how are Heavenly Father feels every time we don't do what he asks of us.  Most important is to follow Christ's example in all things!  I have only been on my mission 3 weeks when you get this letter,  but I have never felt the spirit so constantly.  My experiences in Nauvoo were truly a gift and thank you so much for giving that to me.  This truly is the best decision I've ever made!  Thank you for providing for me and putting up with me.  Dad I just wanted you to know the best decision you ever made was marrying mom.  I honestly have been thinking about how I'll need to "Be Prepared" for my eternal family, just like you.  What else can I say...Oh yea I LOVE YOU!!!
Elder Hunter Darren DeVries
Dad, Your mission never ended, you sent your son to act in your name much like someone else sent his son to act in His!

So I didn't have enough time to email you this week cuz there were a lot of emails and slow internet!  So I'll just write you for a while.  So here are my thoughts; first, if there is one thing about a mission is it is not for yourself, but rather for everyone you will ever meet on and after the mission!  I will use everything that I learn on a mission!  I will use everything that I learn on a mission for the rest of my life!  In situations that I have never even thought about!  That as long as I am obedient I will be ready for my mission.  Second, that the mission maybe hard but it is not the hardest mission.  He was our brother, he had many letters that told his life story.  He always knew His mission and His purpose.  He started and finished strong but had many struggles.  He served His whole life for everyone on earth, He overcame death and atoned for the world.  We also will have struggles in our life but we can ask Him to help us.  Third, if you read about Christ's life you will find He never thought of Himself.
Elder Hunter DeVries 

Monday, June 17, 2013

3rd week pictures

! Umm I'll write you a big email next week! Just want to say this though. The Spirit is here so much and I'll be honest I'm somewhat frustrated with the language this past week but I have come to realization that I honest don't care if I am the slowest in the class or the fastest as long as I learning to the best of my abilities! send me a picture of luke and the family! I love you guys and will be calling you in a three weeks!
Love ya,
Elder DeVries

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mom & Family,
I'm doing fine!  It's been a crazy week because of the MTC going to the Marriott Center!  Grandma said I made the news, will you print the screen of me on the news clip?  Also, send me pictures of my friends, graduation and more current ones of us.  D&C 107:99-100 is a great scripture much like Jacob 3:19!  You should see me on T.V. on June 23rd, I'll be wearing a pink tie for Uncle Aaron !  Everything is going great!  I continue to love the new people that come in!  My teachers are fantastic. I love you.
Elder Hunter DeVries

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hi Grandma,
The mission is very amazing i love the MTC.   I have many things that have testified to me of the fullness of the gospel.  First is how well the language is coming, it truly is the gift of tounges!  The things that we have learned here are truly inspiring.  I know that I was suppose to be here in the fulness of times, I love it!  Hope you and grandpa are having fun!  Tell him I love him!
Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

2nd week mtc pictures

To the Family,
Here are some of the things that went on this week. I mismatched my suit, went to the temple this morning, got punked, and yep it was a K CYA moment! Hope that everything is alright. Here is my update from the MTC. My companion and me have been called to be Zone Leaders as of next Sunday so this week we will be shadowing the current Zone Leaders. I had the most amazing experience that I will send you in a email in a little in a second. Other than that I watched my first district in my zone leave, which was really weird. I am doing great, the food isn't helping me cuz I am losing weight because I don't have time to lift.  My companion is going to my mission and his name is Elder Smith. . Anyway, I love the MTC and i'll be right you another email here after i switch my laundry.
Elder DeVries

Monday, June 10, 2013

Everything is fine here at the MTC!  I promise I'll email more next time but I emailed more people.  Also send my stuff I promise I'll fit it all in.  Read the Book of Mormon again with a question in mind.  You need a brand new blue one and you can write the question in the front cover.  That way every time you find something that answers that question, you can mark it.  If you keep doing that you will have volumes of Books of Mormon with answers to your questions.  The language is coming along but once I get to the field it will get better!
Elder Hunter DeVries

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Mom And Family
WELL I LOVE THE MTC, besides the no napping!  I nod off a few times, but since I have my companion he hits me, so i'm good :)   Today is friday and we had 6 hours of class time!  It was muy espanol hablan!  Muy loco!  Es vernes muy biene?  Mi vernes es muy fantastico!  MTC es muy bien lugar for espitu' y sentimente Jesu Cristo!
The food is muy bien!  But the orange juice does make you sick.  I took on the challenge of drinking 12 glasses of orange juice in a contest.  I lost by 1/3 of a glass!  It was fine until later when I felt sick!  Then I just threw it up and loved life again.  I'm great my companion is amazing!  Oh and on June 23rd on I think BYU tv there is the MTC Worldwide Conference at the Marriott Center!  Guess who joined the choir to sing to the Prophet and apostles?  Me!!! K-CYA!
Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letter To Sister

My Hermana

Hey :)  What's Up?  I have prayed to the Lord that all boys will talk to you as if i am standing right by you!  YOU THINK I DID THAT!  Yes, yes I did!  Hows being the oldest at home now?  Awesome Right?  Ha! Ha!  Well the MTC is amazing and the sisters are awesome!  You would fit right in!  How was the rest of retreat?  The MTC food is great and has a wide variety.  I LOVE IT.  Make sure you read "PREACH MY GOSPEL" because it is not just for missionaries!  I wish you the best and hope you continue to help out with mom.  See Ya in 2
                                   Love Ya
                                         Elder DeVries

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ist Email to Dad

Hey Dad,
The MTC is awesome! The language is coming along really well and I can't believe it! Also i have finished all of Mosiah and now up to Alma 12. Its awesome. The work here is great and I can't believe how the time has gone bye. There are many spiritual experience that have happen to me so far and you'll read them in my letters. But let me tell you one of yesterday. I watched a talk that Holland gave in the MTC last Thanksgiving. It was all about how this is the greatest and final dispensation and even though we don't know why we were chosen for this time, we do know that it's our time to preach the gospel to all the word. Yo benice de don del lenguas y familia. Yo tengo el espirtu santo. Ustedes tengo el espirtu santo. Jesucristo es el Salvador el mundo. Jesucristo es muy importanta por resturado de iglesias verdada. Jose Smith es el profeta y resturado de iglesisas el mundo. Translate it on google translate. I love you and tell everyone that letters are better because I have more time at night to write. My companion is Elder Smith. He reminds me of Jake Elm. The food is good but not good for the bathroom. I need more stamps and also I need my list of address from home. I have feelings to write so many people but don't have the list. I will be writing this time each week til I leave on July 9th.


1st Week pictures

letter to mom

Hey Mom
The work is good.  The food is good besides it bad for the tubes!!! Ha! Ha!  Really though Me gusta el MTC!  Es muy beuno!  Jesus Christo armoso mi y el nundo.  Dios armoso el mundo y hijos!  dios bendice mi don lenguce!  I justed watched a Holland talk that is only shown in MTC.  I'll try to even touch upon that amazing talk. It was given on thanksgiving last year.  He talked about this being the final dispensation, how we are the ones that have been prepared.  Also That Joseph Smith was a Prophet that continued to Teach Jesus Christ's Love from day one.  To Sum up when you serve the Son of God, You are taking your hand and lifting the load of his gospel.  No matter how small your contribution it doesn't matter because it means the world to the Savior.    If you want to give up as a missionary remember Jesus didn't give up on you!

                                                  I LOVE THIS PLACE!
                                                             K CYA!
                                                            Elder DeVries

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hey Family,                                                                                                      May 29th, 2013
Dad you were spot on! The first five minutes were rough but after that it was AWESOME! It's amazing that the spirit is so strong here.  My companions name is Elder Smith from Utah!  He is amazing! Well I got to go to bed!  I'll talk to you later!
                                          Love,   Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

 P.S.  Send me candy cuz we trade! (skittles, peach-o's & pringles:)

Hey Mom,                                                                                                         May 30th, 2013
This place is amazing still! We are starting to learn Spanish.  I'll try to say a little.  Mi Jesus Cristo armar tu'!
Jesus Cristo es tu' hermano.  Well that's it for now.  For lunch we had burritos and hot dogs.  Also please send me stamps or tell me where you put them.  Thanks for all you've done to get me here!  Tell the family hello!  Go print the family picture and send it to me, I have plenty of space.  Also the girls can send me drawings.  The store is awesome.  Anyway,  I'll talk to you later!
                                           Love Ya,  Elder Hunter Darren DeVries

P.S.    Learning a language is tough but Luke 1:37 helps:)