Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Honestly this past week was just filled with so many things that made it very hard for us to have time to study, to have appointments, and everything you are suppose to do. But yet everything worked out because we moved forward with faith. This week my companion got sick three times but we kept working and now we had a baptism last Saturday and two this next Saturday. Spanish is still very frustrating, but I know that Heavenly Father doesn't give us things that are special for Free, we have to work for it. Much like you, you have to work as a family to build a better relationship. Also I keep praying and try to have the faith that Jesus Christ will do the rest. Much like the woman who gave all she (oil and bread) had to the man, after the man was feed he said check your oil and bread. It was full. When you give your all to the Lord you will find that he will fill in for the rest. I try not to worry, it is all a part of the mission. I try to give my  testimony, and sincerely try to help them. We had a baptism this weekend, and it was amazing. The family truly felt the spirit and it was great to see a former missionaries prayers come true, in which his Mom was baptized. He did the baptizing and the confirming of the Holy Ghost. Pretty special experience for us as missionaries to see because for Elder Shuler and me, we both pray for certain people to one day receive the gospel. For them to be baptized, to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and to  prepare to be always worthy to enter the Temple. We pray for them because we know how much this can bless their lives for not only this life but for the eternity. This mission for me is such a eye opener, I can see how gospel blesses lives and if they were to only just pray, read, and to show only a little faith to the Lord  they would also know. I humbly ask each and everyone of you just go forth with faith and ask our Heavenly Father specifically if this church is true and then show your works of faith by just taking the first discussion with the missionaries. If you don't know how to get in contact with them just ask a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or visit mormon.org and click Chat
I weathered the storm! It was not anything big just two nights of hard showers which was nice but I heard Veracruz got hit pretty bad. In our area nothing happened though so we won't be doing any big service. Good to hear that Bailey had a fun Homecoming! Tell her to stop being frustrated and stressed and just love life! Tell Luke I miss the little man a Lot!!!! Crazy to think that I have been out for so long! Haven't heard anything about transfers. My ward is great ! We did have our baptism and we are having two more Saturday! Crazy huh!!!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mom and Dad, 

This email is only to tell you that there is a storm coming and they told us that since we are on the coast that we might have to stay in our house for a few days IF the storm gets serious. The mission President specifically called our zone leader to tell us in Frontera. So he is aware of the circumstances. Mom if I dont send you a email this monday it is because everything is flooded. Dont worry I am in Gods hands and he has a plan in which I believe is for me and Elder Shuler to help them repair their homes and give them hope and Christ like love and charity,  IF it does Flood. Mom tell everyone I love them and do not WORRY!!!! Literally I will be fine, we are going to buy extra food just in case we have to stay in for a few days. Mom I love you and I promise that this is my opportunity to help this people if the storm does come!  But It may or MAY NOT happen. But just watch the weather and dont be worried. 

Le amo muchichismo, este es mi oportunidad para todos personas en Frontera ven La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Santos de Los ULTIMOS DIAS es por ellos. Yo espero no, pero si sÏ daremos nuestro servicio por todas personas.

Elder DeVries

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

 Hey Mom and Dad,
My week was great!  We are
having a baptism this Saturday!!!
Our baptism is for the mom of
a return missionary from this area.
Studying at the apartment.
My talk on Sunday was alright.  I think the ward understood probably about half,  which is better than I expected.  ha!ha!

This is our apartment!
It is a Mexican holiday today like their Independence Day.  Here the celebration  looks like lots of singing about Mexico and a parade.  It is pretty crazy!!

 Glad Shelby is having a great birthday week!! Tell Shelby Happy Birthday!!!  Tell Luke Hi!  Tell Bailey to enjoy high school and not be stressed.

 Nobody usually gets married here and it is very unusual to be married in the temple.  On a good day it only takes and hour and a half to drive to the temple in Villahermosa.  We never know when we will be going into the city.  The pouch works it is fun to get a stack of letters tell Grandma DeVries thank you for them.  Thank you soooooo much for sending a package I can't wait to get it.  I might be transferred in October so not sure where I will watch conference.  I will probably get a Mexican companion which will help my Spanish.  There is a young man in our ward that is getting his mission call hopefully before we leave.  Everybody pretty much keeps monday as p-days.
The language is coming slowly but surely.  The gospel is good.  Dad, Thank you for everything you have taught me and working so hard to give me a great life.  Dad I have recognized so many things, that I didn't know, truly know before the mission.  I love you!!!

Life As A Missionary
Feel the grips of Satan on your hand as you lift your arm and hit your alarm at the terrible hour of 6:30 a.m.  Then you stumble out of bed but have faith as a waterfall of terrific hot water comes down and washes the sleep off you and prepares you to enter another great day of service.  Then you get dressed, pray, eat breakfast and study.  You then go and have gospel study in which you SHOULD learn something new everyday.  Then you get hungry and have cereal because that is a missionaries best friend.  Then you study your new language and make notes in your little notebook you keep safe always in your pocket.  Then you pray and go to work.  You strive to speak to everyone clearly but really it is clear as a dirty window but as you work at it everyday it gets cleaner and cleaner.
Love You!!! Gotta GO!

Monday, September 2, 2013

 Love you Mom!!! I'm here!  Sounds like you had a fun week.  I used my credit card today for the first time today and it worked!  It worked great!  I pick up my card tomorrow!

     It was a great week here in Frontera, we had another baptism!  We are just killing everybody in our zone by bringing souls unto Christ!  Now it isn't us but it is Amazing!  The little girl is eight and she cried after saying the closing prayer and receiving the Holy Ghost the next day!!!  Pretty sweet, my companion looked away so he wouldn't cry.  Got some vegetables today.  Carrots!  I don't wash them because the water is so contaminated so we just pray that we won't get sick.

We are making ward activities happen on Fridays.  We are having an activity in a few weeks.  We are watching the June conference from the MTC, and the new 10 minute video" mormons at a glance".

My companion and I made it through transfers!  But my Spanish definitely needs a native speaker.  I have been on two splits my whole time here, we have no one really helping us just me and my companion.      How is Shelby and Luke?  I'm sure Bailey will make the play what part is she trying out for?  I really wan't to watch it when I get home.  If Bailey is sick make sure she takes the oils at Bella's and some honey and ice.  It will help!  Those oils really work you can hook me up with some more.
Baptism this Saturday!
I told Hunter I was getting ready to send a package and asked if he needed anything.  Almost immediately he emailed back.  Ummm Yes!!! I need the following small books of mormon in English and Spanish, DI ties, pocket translator it is like 30 bucks at Amazon and on my mission wish list, candy in a plastic bag so it won't get soggy, caramel werther's, duck tape, super glue two bottles, pens, oils, ecco insoles, floss, one axe deodorant, hole puncher, crystal light packets and scripture markers.  Anything else made in the USA!
        Right then my internet connection went down for about ten minutes, when I got back on Hunter had sent an email that said;  "Sorry, it was a long list, but you asked."  I had to laugh.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Baptism YEA BOY!!
HEY!!! I BAPTIZED!!! Bro. D is a really good man who is really ill.  He doesn't show much emotion but when he received baptism and the Holy Ghost he cried.  Other family members would like to be baptized but some in the family do not like us and are spreading rumors about us.  Bro. D really loves the gospel and when he talks it is a humble testimony.  He is simply amazing and I got the baptism prayer right the first time.  NO BIG DEAL!!! He was the first person I ever taught in the mission. His family is more eager to listen to the Mexican missionaries than us white ones.  Because when I was on splits they totally listened to my Mexican companion.

I am doing great mom!!!  My week was fantastic!!!  My companion is a lot better and if he doesn't get transferred next week we will be together until October.  Tell Shelby and Luke I love them!  Tell the ward Hey, and I send my love!

My tan is not getting very dark because it is starting to rain here a lot more.  Spanish is coming....The ward is great!  I am restarting the Book of Mormon and learning how the Atonement is for everyone!

We have many baptisms set for this weekend!!  I don't think I had a parasite, they decided to treat me for one.  I try to be smart when I eat ha ha!  The medicine I take is to prevent it.

The people here in town think we are crazy, that is why we always try to teach with references.  We have only baptized people who were references in the past three months and they are all still active in church!
It has been raining so much this past week!!!  It is starting to be cooler at nights, which is amazing!!  I love that!!  I am eating pasta(noodles) almost every night so I know I will survive for two years!!!
Love You Guys!
K CYA!!!