Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Zone
 Well life is really changing in a way I am grateful for, I can't believe that I will have 8 months in the mission this Wednesday. So lets look at what I am grateful for; I was blessed to be able to send in my papers little more than a year ago and on the 31st of January it will mark the date when I received my call! How time flies right? I have been blessed to be able to have had the best last months of my senior year and then started the greatest work I have ever been involved in. The MTC was one of the most sacred places on the earth and the spirit of love and divine diligence is there. Then I came to Mexico six months ago in July with my first companion Elder Shuler and loved every minute in the great village of Frontera! Afterwards almost four months ago I came here to Minatitlan and started to pick up on my Spainsh and I am still working on it but thankfully  I can say a lot more than when I arrived. I have learned that the gift of the Priesthood is real, I found out less then a month ago that one of the first people that I was able to see enter the waters of baptism was cured of his cancer, and to think that I was apart of that is mind blowing. I have seen the change in lives and also have seen many people walk away from us as well. It is hard to see, after pouring your heart out to them and feeling the spirit but letting the World have the final influence on their lives. Seeing that Gods' Truth is going forth upon nations, kindreds, tongues, and people. To think that I am apart of this great work is Amazing! I have learned that I am nothing as Alma says in 29:9 but in the Lords' hands I am an instrument. Funny how an instrument is a useful tool to call upon the attention of other people, and that I am through his hands a Light unto the World in Matthew. That through His grace I am able to describe the desires of my heart to men. We are sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father who wants our lives to be filled with happiness. But first we must trust Him.  I was scared when flying here to Mexico and had the thought I could go back, and how grateful I am to be here. It isn't easy but it is amazing and is preparing me for my future. I promise you that if you pray and have faith to do His work whatever the circumstances as it says in Nephi 3:7 He will provide the way! Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior and Redeemer and has helped me many times in my life and in my mission. He has felt every feeling you have felt and he is always a prayer away. He is our Heavenly Fathers' greatest gift, the example that will lead us back to Him! I bare humble testimony to every person who can read this message that He wants you to be with him and that there are missionaries and members of the church ready to help you! This work is His work and we are just lucky to be apart of it! I love you guys and hope that you will pray, read, and attend His church and follow the guidance of His called leaders and His Prophet! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
New area, we have been assigned too!

There is a river in the new area and new members!

Baptism of Fernando

The sweet Relief Society Sisters with our meal calendar.

We confirmed Fernando on Sunday his family was there crying, it was amazing. We had the baptism all about how the primary makes great leaders. We had talks from all primary children and they were crying so bad it was awesome!!!!   So we will see what comes with this transfer next year. He looked at our area and wants us to change our house to start in March so we live more central. I don't know if I am staying but I really think so. It has been hot and cold but really nice for the most part here. My companion is sick but is getting a little better. He is kind of sad because he thinks he will not stay but we really don't know. Tell Grandma Judy Happy Birthday!!!   Love you lots!!! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

 Hey! How are you guys!  We have a baptism set up for this Saturday, it is a 10-yr old boy.  I was thinking yesterday about how my life has really changed in one year.  Exactly one year ago today, I had my interview with the Stake President and two days later he sent my papers to Salt Lake to church headquarters.  Here I am now in a different country, customs, and language but yet still teaching the same gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am so glad everything is good at home and I really enjoy reading what happens during the week.  We are really accelerating the work here in Hildalgo and I really believe it will be a stake soon, the missionary effort here is really taking off with reactivation, retention, and Family History work.  I can see God's work is pushing forth in these final days, faster than I have ever seen.   We did grocery shopping today and I bought a scripture bag, mine fell apart and everything kept getting wet.  We went into Minititilan today, we took a cab it is the only way to get around anywhere here.  I bought two types of cereal, milk, lots of yogurt, fresh bread and bananas.  They sale apples, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, pineapples, everything on the street, I will buy some on my way home.  Limes and bananas  grow on trees here but I don't eat them because there are always bugs crawling all over them.
On February 4th we will have transfers.  I'm quite sure one of us will be leaving.  I would love to stay things are going great here.  It doesn't really matter where I go everywhere here is an adventure!

Shopping in Minititilan today for new scripture bag.

Playing Go Fish with members. (disney princess edition)
Well we started out working the new area that we have, and getting all of investigators ready for baptism dates. We then got Fernando  ready for his baptism for the 25th of January. Then we gave 6 hours of service this week to build a house but we only put down the foundation so far. They only use cement here. We are getting the ward ready to really help us in the work and we talked to a lot of the leaders. The Stake is getting ready for the Area Presidency to come to every ward next Sunday to talk to the leaders. We really  didn't have a chance too study a lot but I really am getting better, little by little thanks to my Heavenly Father. We are getting ready for many of baptisms in February for whatever missionaries will stay here, I  would love to stay. My converts here are doing great and Alejandro really is getting ready to get to the Temple next year, I am pretty excited!!!! 
Lovin' Life!!
Filthy from laying a foundation.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Alright, ready, set, GO!!!! So this week started off with one of our investigators dying in the Hospital.  The bishop asked us to prepare a funeral service because her daughter is a member of our church. It went really well Wednesday at 1 AM. Elder Rape conducted and the rest of us had assignments  with talks and so forth. Then we had special changes Thursday and Elder Rape left to go to the next ward over in the other stake and Elder Ygnacio stayed with us for two days. It was really weird but really good at the same time in the lessons. Then we got a phone call Saturday in the morning while we were boiling water for the baptisms, one of the people we are baptizing is ill and would be more comfortable with warm water. Elder Ygnacio  is leaving and we are in charge of both of the areas. So we have to get all the stuff out of their old house and put it into ours. Everything is new, so I am really excited about that. The baptism went amazingly well we had Hermano Fernado y Hermana Alicia and they were both baptized. I baptized Brother Fernado with a chair because he didn't feel strong enough but he was really happy afterwards. Her daughter Sonia was there and she has been less active for 10 years with her boyfriend and there baby. So we will be continuing to work with them. Then afterwards we went and got the house ready and Elder Ygnacio packed and then went off to tell people he is leaving and to show us a bit of his area. Sunday he left after sacrament and went to Coaza. Then the AP's came and looked at our area and helped us teach a few lessons. They told us we can stay in our house and put in the new refrigerator.  We got a DVD player to teach our lessons also. Hope that everything is great at home!!!! LOVED LIFE!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hunt's Birthday Card!!!
 Lets Start A New......

The Lord has given us a great New Year to do something incredible, to make ourselves better. But isn't that really the purpose to every new moment. Every hour is an opportunity to gain a new talent, to practice a new talent, or to continue to use one. But we have so many desires that we want to achieve and our Heavenly Father is always willing to listen. My question is are we willing to include the desires of our Heavenly Father? This a personal but real question. What will you change for your Heavenly Father, who has given you so much? I will not tell you what you need to do but rather invite. Ponder, Read the Scriptures, and Pray. This is my simple message but the profound one will come from the Lord if you do these things with Faith in your Hearts. I love you all and will see you soon! May this New Year be something truly special  especially for you! :) 
. I am trying to humble myself to get this work to progress and also trying to find what ways are most effective for me to study. The language is a stress in the way that I want to be better, not that I don't speak Spanish but to perfect it. My grammar is something I will work on, in Spanish is very difficult for the right grammar but I am trying to get it perfect. The people can understand,  I just sound very new to the language which I am but I want that to pass quickly. The week went well we put a date down for Fernando and Alicia they will prepare for their  baptism this Saturday. I am super excited to see them receive this great blessing.  Last night one of our investigators went to the hospital and we told the bishop and his counselor and we all went to visit her. She is extremely ill but her family was grateful we came.

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Hunter bought himself a birthday present.  A bucket!!!!  He heats up some hot water on the stove puts it into the bucket then takes it to the shower.  Hot Shower! kind of?