Monday, June 3, 2013

Ist Email to Dad

Hey Dad,
The MTC is awesome! The language is coming along really well and I can't believe it! Also i have finished all of Mosiah and now up to Alma 12. Its awesome. The work here is great and I can't believe how the time has gone bye. There are many spiritual experience that have happen to me so far and you'll read them in my letters. But let me tell you one of yesterday. I watched a talk that Holland gave in the MTC last Thanksgiving. It was all about how this is the greatest and final dispensation and even though we don't know why we were chosen for this time, we do know that it's our time to preach the gospel to all the word. Yo benice de don del lenguas y familia. Yo tengo el espirtu santo. Ustedes tengo el espirtu santo. Jesucristo es el Salvador el mundo. Jesucristo es muy importanta por resturado de iglesias verdada. Jose Smith es el profeta y resturado de iglesisas el mundo. Translate it on google translate. I love you and tell everyone that letters are better because I have more time at night to write. My companion is Elder Smith. He reminds me of Jake Elm. The food is good but not good for the bathroom. I need more stamps and also I need my list of address from home. I have feelings to write so many people but don't have the list. I will be writing this time each week til I leave on July 9th.


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