Monday, July 7, 2014

We had a really good week and we will continue to look for more people to teach. It is incredible to me that God has given me this many people to teach. We are trying to find more for August and we will continue to go and look for them. This week was pretty fun we had a 4th of July party and we cooked hamburgers. It was pretty good! Then we beat  a Captain America  pinata. Then the next day we had our baptism and it was amazing.  It was really good and simple but you could feel the spirit very strongly.Then the next day we had ward council and we talked about how the work was going in the ward. Then our mission leader Roberto told us that the Bishop likes us a lot and that he is starting to realize the importance of the bishopric helping us retain these converts!!! Made me happy to see almost all of our converts at church and we are struggling to find new people that progress but we are finding them slowly but surely!!! Love it and I cant believe I only have ten months left.... well oh yea and we had Zone Class and we sang only american hymns, but God Bless America 2 Nephi 10:11 13. Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

That is awesome mom!!! I am sooooo excited for everyone that is leaving on their mission. I think they will love it..... nah I know it!!! I think I am still getting the hang of being a missionary. I had to go to Villahermosa this last Tuesday for a Special Conference for District Leaders. So we went to the ADO where we traveled on the bus to every city in the mission, we were in a companionship of three. So I got the seat by a random lady and President had challenged us to contact everyone and a six hour Villahermosa trip ended up being a long contact. So after we past by Frontera, Tabasco I decided to start up the conversation and I am grateful I did. I was able to have the Holy Ghost as my companion and he taught a great lesson. It was the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesús Christ and I gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it. She accepted and she was so interested. So I invited her to be baptized, she said Yes!!!! She said she would be baptized if the book is true and if the missionaries pass by and visit her. I got the reference and after the conference I asked  President if I could call the missionaries to pass by that day. He handed me the asissants cell phone and I called up the Elders. Now I don't know what happened from that point on but I do know she now has the opportunity to learn more about the góspel and know for herself that it is Gods Church! I know this work is His and I am happy to be a missionary! ​
June 21st Baptism Day!!!
June 28th Baptism Day!!!

Forever Families!!