Sunday, September 1, 2013


Baptism YEA BOY!!
HEY!!! I BAPTIZED!!! Bro. D is a really good man who is really ill.  He doesn't show much emotion but when he received baptism and the Holy Ghost he cried.  Other family members would like to be baptized but some in the family do not like us and are spreading rumors about us.  Bro. D really loves the gospel and when he talks it is a humble testimony.  He is simply amazing and I got the baptism prayer right the first time.  NO BIG DEAL!!! He was the first person I ever taught in the mission. His family is more eager to listen to the Mexican missionaries than us white ones.  Because when I was on splits they totally listened to my Mexican companion.

I am doing great mom!!!  My week was fantastic!!!  My companion is a lot better and if he doesn't get transferred next week we will be together until October.  Tell Shelby and Luke I love them!  Tell the ward Hey, and I send my love!

My tan is not getting very dark because it is starting to rain here a lot more.  Spanish is coming....The ward is great!  I am restarting the Book of Mormon and learning how the Atonement is for everyone!

We have many baptisms set for this weekend!!  I don't think I had a parasite, they decided to treat me for one.  I try to be smart when I eat ha ha!  The medicine I take is to prevent it.

The people here in town think we are crazy, that is why we always try to teach with references.  We have only baptized people who were references in the past three months and they are all still active in church!
It has been raining so much this past week!!!  It is starting to be cooler at nights, which is amazing!!  I love that!!  I am eating pasta(noodles) almost every night so I know I will survive for two years!!!
Love You Guys!
K CYA!!!

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