Wednesday, August 21, 2013

 Hey Mom!! Great week in Mexico!! Had a baptism for a kid of a recent convert family.  He swam out of the font it was really funny.  Blake Garner got his mission call to Mexico City East!!!  Yeah boy!  I love that sooooo much!  My companion is fine we have  both been taking medicine to kill parasites this week.
Mrs. Hartvigson is here in Villahermosa, she talked to my district leader and they told me they saw her yesterday!  Pretty crazy!  The doctors here are equivilant to a four year nursing degree, we really try not to use them unless we have to.
Tell Grandma Happy Birthday!!  I got a letter from Grandma DeVries and Mackenzie that was sent  five weeks ago.  It costs like 40 pesos to send a letter which is a lot!

 I didn't run out of money.  I need to still get the rest of it off the card but the ATM ate my card.  ha!ha!
 Tell everyone I am doing fine
and loving the mission even though
the language is difficult.  I pray for
you guys always!  I started excercising
this week!

 We have an investigator that is set to be baptized on Saturday.  We have been teaching him for almost a month.  Hopefully everything will work out this week for him.  The Spanish is coming but we hardly have time to study because of our crazy busy lives.

Thanks Dad for the scriptures!  This week was great but I need to work harder on my studies.  Love you and hope to hear from you soon.  Right now we are headed to go buy a bag that is bigger to fit all my stuff in.  Then we are going to get our clothes.  Tonight we are having Family Home Evening with a less active family.
 After Family Home Evening we will head home and take inventory of our day and study.  I am really enjoying it!  Tell Luke I love him!!!  I miss that little guy and I promise to hangout with him when I get home!!  any news?

Love you Mom and Dad thank you for making me who I am!  Okay!  Love you mom!  Talk to you next week!  Pretty crazy that by next week I will have three months in the mission!  KCYA!!!

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