Monday, September 2, 2013

 Love you Mom!!! I'm here!  Sounds like you had a fun week.  I used my credit card today for the first time today and it worked!  It worked great!  I pick up my card tomorrow!

     It was a great week here in Frontera, we had another baptism!  We are just killing everybody in our zone by bringing souls unto Christ!  Now it isn't us but it is Amazing!  The little girl is eight and she cried after saying the closing prayer and receiving the Holy Ghost the next day!!!  Pretty sweet, my companion looked away so he wouldn't cry.  Got some vegetables today.  Carrots!  I don't wash them because the water is so contaminated so we just pray that we won't get sick.

We are making ward activities happen on Fridays.  We are having an activity in a few weeks.  We are watching the June conference from the MTC, and the new 10 minute video" mormons at a glance".

My companion and I made it through transfers!  But my Spanish definitely needs a native speaker.  I have been on two splits my whole time here, we have no one really helping us just me and my companion.      How is Shelby and Luke?  I'm sure Bailey will make the play what part is she trying out for?  I really wan't to watch it when I get home.  If Bailey is sick make sure she takes the oils at Bella's and some honey and ice.  It will help!  Those oils really work you can hook me up with some more.
Baptism this Saturday!
I told Hunter I was getting ready to send a package and asked if he needed anything.  Almost immediately he emailed back.  Ummm Yes!!! I need the following small books of mormon in English and Spanish, DI ties, pocket translator it is like 30 bucks at Amazon and on my mission wish list, candy in a plastic bag so it won't get soggy, caramel werther's, duck tape, super glue two bottles, pens, oils, ecco insoles, floss, one axe deodorant, hole puncher, crystal light packets and scripture markers.  Anything else made in the USA!
        Right then my internet connection went down for about ten minutes, when I got back on Hunter had sent an email that said;  "Sorry, it was a long list, but you asked."  I had to laugh.  

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