Tuesday, September 17, 2013

 Hey Mom and Dad,
My week was great!  We are
having a baptism this Saturday!!!
Our baptism is for the mom of
a return missionary from this area.
Studying at the apartment.
My talk on Sunday was alright.  I think the ward understood probably about half,  which is better than I expected.  ha!ha!

This is our apartment!
It is a Mexican holiday today like their Independence Day.  Here the celebration  looks like lots of singing about Mexico and a parade.  It is pretty crazy!!

 Glad Shelby is having a great birthday week!! Tell Shelby Happy Birthday!!!  Tell Luke Hi!  Tell Bailey to enjoy high school and not be stressed.

 Nobody usually gets married here and it is very unusual to be married in the temple.  On a good day it only takes and hour and a half to drive to the temple in Villahermosa.  We never know when we will be going into the city.  The pouch works it is fun to get a stack of letters tell Grandma DeVries thank you for them.  Thank you soooooo much for sending a package I can't wait to get it.  I might be transferred in October so not sure where I will watch conference.  I will probably get a Mexican companion which will help my Spanish.  There is a young man in our ward that is getting his mission call hopefully before we leave.  Everybody pretty much keeps monday as p-days.
The language is coming slowly but surely.  The gospel is good.  Dad, Thank you for everything you have taught me and working so hard to give me a great life.  Dad I have recognized so many things, that I didn't know, truly know before the mission.  I love you!!!

Life As A Missionary
Feel the grips of Satan on your hand as you lift your arm and hit your alarm at the terrible hour of 6:30 a.m.  Then you stumble out of bed but have faith as a waterfall of terrific hot water comes down and washes the sleep off you and prepares you to enter another great day of service.  Then you get dressed, pray, eat breakfast and study.  You then go and have gospel study in which you SHOULD learn something new everyday.  Then you get hungry and have cereal because that is a missionaries best friend.  Then you study your new language and make notes in your little notebook you keep safe always in your pocket.  Then you pray and go to work.  You strive to speak to everyone clearly but really it is clear as a dirty window but as you work at it everyday it gets cleaner and cleaner.
Love You!!! Gotta GO!

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