Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Honestly this past week was just filled with so many things that made it very hard for us to have time to study, to have appointments, and everything you are suppose to do. But yet everything worked out because we moved forward with faith. This week my companion got sick three times but we kept working and now we had a baptism last Saturday and two this next Saturday. Spanish is still very frustrating, but I know that Heavenly Father doesn't give us things that are special for Free, we have to work for it. Much like you, you have to work as a family to build a better relationship. Also I keep praying and try to have the faith that Jesus Christ will do the rest. Much like the woman who gave all she (oil and bread) had to the man, after the man was feed he said check your oil and bread. It was full. When you give your all to the Lord you will find that he will fill in for the rest. I try not to worry, it is all a part of the mission. I try to give my  testimony, and sincerely try to help them. We had a baptism this weekend, and it was amazing. The family truly felt the spirit and it was great to see a former missionaries prayers come true, in which his Mom was baptized. He did the baptizing and the confirming of the Holy Ghost. Pretty special experience for us as missionaries to see because for Elder Shuler and me, we both pray for certain people to one day receive the gospel. For them to be baptized, to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and to  prepare to be always worthy to enter the Temple. We pray for them because we know how much this can bless their lives for not only this life but for the eternity. This mission for me is such a eye opener, I can see how gospel blesses lives and if they were to only just pray, read, and to show only a little faith to the Lord  they would also know. I humbly ask each and everyone of you just go forth with faith and ask our Heavenly Father specifically if this church is true and then show your works of faith by just taking the first discussion with the missionaries. If you don't know how to get in contact with them just ask a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or visit mormon.org and click Chat
I weathered the storm! It was not anything big just two nights of hard showers which was nice but I heard Veracruz got hit pretty bad. In our area nothing happened though so we won't be doing any big service. Good to hear that Bailey had a fun Homecoming! Tell her to stop being frustrated and stressed and just love life! Tell Luke I miss the little man a Lot!!!! Crazy to think that I have been out for so long! Haven't heard anything about transfers. My ward is great ! We did have our baptism and we are having two more Saturday! Crazy huh!!!! 

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