Monday, January 6, 2014

Hunt's Birthday Card!!!
 Lets Start A New......

The Lord has given us a great New Year to do something incredible, to make ourselves better. But isn't that really the purpose to every new moment. Every hour is an opportunity to gain a new talent, to practice a new talent, or to continue to use one. But we have so many desires that we want to achieve and our Heavenly Father is always willing to listen. My question is are we willing to include the desires of our Heavenly Father? This a personal but real question. What will you change for your Heavenly Father, who has given you so much? I will not tell you what you need to do but rather invite. Ponder, Read the Scriptures, and Pray. This is my simple message but the profound one will come from the Lord if you do these things with Faith in your Hearts. I love you all and will see you soon! May this New Year be something truly special  especially for you! :) 
. I am trying to humble myself to get this work to progress and also trying to find what ways are most effective for me to study. The language is a stress in the way that I want to be better, not that I don't speak Spanish but to perfect it. My grammar is something I will work on, in Spanish is very difficult for the right grammar but I am trying to get it perfect. The people can understand,  I just sound very new to the language which I am but I want that to pass quickly. The week went well we put a date down for Fernando and Alicia they will prepare for their  baptism this Saturday. I am super excited to see them receive this great blessing.  Last night one of our investigators went to the hospital and we told the bishop and his counselor and we all went to visit her. She is extremely ill but her family was grateful we came.

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Hunter bought himself a birthday present.  A bucket!!!!  He heats up some hot water on the stove puts it into the bucket then takes it to the shower.  Hot Shower! kind of?

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