Monday, January 20, 2014

 Hey! How are you guys!  We have a baptism set up for this Saturday, it is a 10-yr old boy.  I was thinking yesterday about how my life has really changed in one year.  Exactly one year ago today, I had my interview with the Stake President and two days later he sent my papers to Salt Lake to church headquarters.  Here I am now in a different country, customs, and language but yet still teaching the same gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am so glad everything is good at home and I really enjoy reading what happens during the week.  We are really accelerating the work here in Hildalgo and I really believe it will be a stake soon, the missionary effort here is really taking off with reactivation, retention, and Family History work.  I can see God's work is pushing forth in these final days, faster than I have ever seen.   We did grocery shopping today and I bought a scripture bag, mine fell apart and everything kept getting wet.  We went into Minititilan today, we took a cab it is the only way to get around anywhere here.  I bought two types of cereal, milk, lots of yogurt, fresh bread and bananas.  They sale apples, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, pineapples, everything on the street, I will buy some on my way home.  Limes and bananas  grow on trees here but I don't eat them because there are always bugs crawling all over them.
On February 4th we will have transfers.  I'm quite sure one of us will be leaving.  I would love to stay things are going great here.  It doesn't really matter where I go everywhere here is an adventure!

Shopping in Minititilan today for new scripture bag.

Playing Go Fish with members. (disney princess edition)
Well we started out working the new area that we have, and getting all of investigators ready for baptism dates. We then got Fernando  ready for his baptism for the 25th of January. Then we gave 6 hours of service this week to build a house but we only put down the foundation so far. They only use cement here. We are getting the ward ready to really help us in the work and we talked to a lot of the leaders. The Stake is getting ready for the Area Presidency to come to every ward next Sunday to talk to the leaders. We really  didn't have a chance too study a lot but I really am getting better, little by little thanks to my Heavenly Father. We are getting ready for many of baptisms in February for whatever missionaries will stay here, I  would love to stay. My converts here are doing great and Alejandro really is getting ready to get to the Temple next year, I am pretty excited!!!! 
Lovin' Life!!
Filthy from laying a foundation.

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