Monday, January 13, 2014

Alright, ready, set, GO!!!! So this week started off with one of our investigators dying in the Hospital.  The bishop asked us to prepare a funeral service because her daughter is a member of our church. It went really well Wednesday at 1 AM. Elder Rape conducted and the rest of us had assignments  with talks and so forth. Then we had special changes Thursday and Elder Rape left to go to the next ward over in the other stake and Elder Ygnacio stayed with us for two days. It was really weird but really good at the same time in the lessons. Then we got a phone call Saturday in the morning while we were boiling water for the baptisms, one of the people we are baptizing is ill and would be more comfortable with warm water. Elder Ygnacio  is leaving and we are in charge of both of the areas. So we have to get all the stuff out of their old house and put it into ours. Everything is new, so I am really excited about that. The baptism went amazingly well we had Hermano Fernado y Hermana Alicia and they were both baptized. I baptized Brother Fernado with a chair because he didn't feel strong enough but he was really happy afterwards. Her daughter Sonia was there and she has been less active for 10 years with her boyfriend and there baby. So we will be continuing to work with them. Then afterwards we went and got the house ready and Elder Ygnacio packed and then went off to tell people he is leaving and to show us a bit of his area. Sunday he left after sacrament and went to Coaza. Then the AP's came and looked at our area and helped us teach a few lessons. They told us we can stay in our house and put in the new refrigerator.  We got a DVD player to teach our lessons also. Hope that everything is great at home!!!! LOVED LIFE!!

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