Monday, December 30, 2013


 Hey Guys!!!  I will be on in two sections today.  Forty-five minutes this first time.  Things are going good we are trying hard.  The investigators are great and the Lord knows what is best for this area and we are trying to do our best.  The ward is doing better, we are still working on attendance and re-activation.
I just got a haircut today!  It looks much better now.  We went shopping this morning and had Dominos' for my birthday.
It was awesome to see you guys for Christmas, and see everything was okay at home.  I will be eating birthday cake at the Cruz's house for my birthday.  Hope you all keep doing what your doing.  I am doing fine and trying to stay focused on the people not the numbers.  I really feel like I have gotten older these last few months, all for the Lord's purpose I am sure.           I love you and will continue to fulfill these next two years to the max!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

Sweet Members caring for Hunter.

Looks Yummy!!

Members are great to feed them.
Christmas Morning!
Christmas morning the missionaries and some members bought hot pastries at the store and took them around to the people who were in the hospital for Christmas and sing hymns and Christmas carols.

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