Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving at Domino's!!!
 Well our new house didn't have hot water yet and no electricity when we moved in last Tuesday but we now have them both since yesterday! Sounds like you guys had a great thanksgiving! Mine was eating Dominos' and having a great lesson with our investigators. We have a lot of investigators progressing they just need to get married or get well enough to attend church. One of ours investigators has cancer and he really wants to be baptized but he has to attend church so we are praying he will get enough strength to do it. This week went really great and super fast! I reached my 6 months exactly in the mission and I was super shocked that I have six months. But I am getting over it now and making the best of my time because I don't have a lot left. The companionship is doing great working together! I hope all of you enjoy the Month of Christmas and discover the true gift the savior has given us, which isn't below the Christmas tree. How are you mom? 
Just like the pilgrims!

Merry Christmas!!
 I just reached 6 months in the mission and yet I have only 18 months to go but I would like to tell my tale... so far. :) I have been blessed beyond belief at the knowledge and faith that I have gained from serving my Heavenly Father. The land in which I was born is so different from where I live right now, but the people are still the same. They are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and I am humbled by how they live everyday, and blessed to call them my friends. I am where charity has not died because we always have someone giving us food or drink. I have never thought I could love these people in which I do today. They have there errors and mistakes but don't we all. They have the opportunity to grow into the potential that our Father in Heaven has for them. I love you guys so very much and I hope that you will make everyone you meet feel this love I have felt! Blessed be the ones who are found with charity in there hearts at the last day!
Cows' Head for tacos!! YUM!!

Hey, Good Morning!

Hey, Guess what day it is?

What day?

 You have six months in the mission.

 Love You Sooooo Much!!!

Elder DeVries

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