Monday, December 16, 2013

I had a fun and interesting week. First off, I am not getting transferred and staying in my area for another 7 weeks, and honestly don't know how I feel about it. The companionship is great in the work we just need to work some things out.  I am doing great but not progressing the way I want in the language my companion wants to work on English and I want to work on my Spanish, bit of a conflict.  During the week we had a lot of falls in the work, but we will try to fix it this week. We had a lot of investigators not come to church but we will be working on them. Brother Fernando  is really sick and we don't know if we can baptize him if he starts Chemo therapy. I am really wanting to see him take the step of faith and be blessed beyond imagination. We had to stay in the house on the 12th from 6 pm til 9 pm because people her in Mexico have a holiday that includes much alcohol indulgence and so I studied Spanish from 7 to 10 15. It was awesome!!!! This week we had a lot of rain and I have loved the temperature. Hope that everyone is good at home! Mom thank you so very much for all the blessings that you have ever given me with you mothers' love that I overlooked. Dad thank you so much for always being with me through my boyhood years, baseball, scouts, young men's, and  basketball in the driveway. Bailey for always being the one that I could tease and finally learned in High School is my best friend. Shelby for being a miniature me and laughing at everything. Luke for being the little brother I always wanted. Thanks to all the family everyone!!! Love you guys! 

The excercise is really working!

I only got one of the Christmas packages but it is fine, if it comes it comes.  I am sure it will show up in the offices.  I can wait till January, it is all good.  I am just so excited to see you guys!!!

Christmas here is super companion doesn't believe in Santa Claus either... I am in the land of misfit toys!

The President will hopefully bring down any more packages that come, when he comes for our Christmas party.  We are going to get together with our zone for Christmas in the afternoon.  I have already bought the gifts for the party and for my companion for Christmas.

See ya in 9 days!!!

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