Monday, December 23, 2013

  This gospel is true, I have been blessed to witness a miracle once again. My dear brother Domingo from Frontera just found out that he doesn't have cancer anymore and the doctors don't know why! I cant wait to see him in the temple. The Lord makes a way to complete every requirement to enter into the Kingdom of God! Mom I love this mission and honestly done want to leave! 
 So excited to see everyone for Christmas!!!  Invite everyone.  I will try to call around 11 your time.  Can't wait to see everyone.  Tell everyone thanks for all the Christmas packages, money and cards!!!  That was awesome everyone is so nice!

Such a great blessing to see lives change as they accept and live the gospel.  How blessed we are to have been born into this amazing gospel and been able to live it and receive the blessings our whole lives.   LOVE YOU ALL! Talk to you soon!!!

District meeting and dinner.

Got my Christmas package!!!!

Free ride from our sweet members.

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