Monday, November 25, 2013

Well how are you guys? I had a great week we have a lot of investigators progressing, we have a new house and I am super excited to move into it this week! I really am doing great, the work is progressing and we are trying to have six baptisms this month. We have investigators but we need to find more families to teach. We are really getting it going! Me and my companion are clicking and using English and Spanish to learn together. I am using only Spanish now to study to get the language down even better. We now have Noche de Barrio which is a night which the ward can come and enjoy a movie and play soccer after to bring investigators and it is working! We have quite a few coming for the activities. We had a great week of rain and luckily our areas have not been flooded. I have been enjoying the high 80 to low 70 weather and everyone else is in a jacket or coat! Love you guys and see you in a month! 

Our New House!!!

 Our apartment is really nice and it has hot water!!!  It is really close to the church and is soooooo nice!  It is only 1800 pesos a month.  It is just for me and my companion!  We move in this month!!  We don't have any furnishings!! ha ha We don't n couches or any stuff like that.  We are here to work not relax.

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