Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Come What May and Love it! 

This post will be short and sweet! Alrighty, well this week went amazingly well in all. It rained everyday, all day. We had two baptisms. But now is my story. I baptized Hermana Martha, she is amazing. The problem is she kept kicking up her foot every time I baptized her, and the whole body has to be under. Every time I just looked at her and said in Spanish, Alright we have to do it again, you ready? With  a big grin of course. Now this moment could have been a moment of frustration but it wasn't for me because I knew this was not my moment and I just needed to make it the best I can for her to remember. That is my thought of the week. Sorry I am not perfect but really just enjoy life. Oh and it took four baptisms! K CYA! 

Love you!  It was a rough week but it gets better day by day.  The language is really coming, thanks to Heavenly Father.  We had both our baptisms this Saturday.  I baptized Sister Martha, she was an investigator I first taught when I got here.  She is amazing and super nice and blunt! ha! ha!The new apartment fell through, we are still looking!!  Nick Wray  is going to Mexico, Awesome!  I don't need any clothes, no garments, or socks.  But so here is what is going on, we now have to order our own supplies off the internet for our areas.  Weird right?  So could you send me some good LDS DVD's for teaching, and can you send my CD case to put them in, and more crystal light.  All the DVD's need to be in Spanish.  So anything from the church supplies website for the missionaries.  The Joseph Smith movie, and anything else you think would be great.  I miss Luke I am so excited to teach him Spanish when I get home.  Try to learn pronunciation and grammar.  Teach him Te Amo!  It is I love you personally! and chamaco, it means rascal.  Tell Luke I love him and can't wait to see the scary pictures of him being a pirate.  We are playing a big baseball game next week,  Mina Mex against Mona Tec.  I am excited President might come.  Things are going great!  Love you!

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