Monday, November 11, 2013

Two ways

Two Ways.
Alright, let us go on a journey or what I like to call a spiritual Candy. So now I will use a little example. There are two different candy shops that offer free candy! Yes free candy and one looks like it has delicious candy and the other has candy that looks normal but is known only to those who try it. One shop holds candy that is very pleasing to the human eye but once you taste it you have a sour taste in your mouth after one second of flavor. The other is a shop that holds ordinary candy to the eyes but holds candies that last for ever in your mouth and are sweet and never loses it flavor.
These two different shops are the World and the Gospel. They are on the same Street that you walk on or the same life you live. You can have either have candy for free but one is the true flavor that will never end. The gospel gives you the joy and pleasure in your life when you get your daily dose of scriptures, prayer, and sharing the gospel. The great thing is there is no daily dose, you can take as much as you want and you will not get fat! :) I love you all and I think of you often! Remember the lord is always with you!

My companions Halloween costume.


 Love you Guys!!!!  Had a great week! Just sitting in a Mexican cyber café with pouring rain outside.  We have transfers but I am staying and my companion is leaving.  I helped confirm the Holy Ghost to a young boy in our ward.  It went really well!!!  We will see what this transfer brings.  I am excited and nervous.  Hope that all is well at home. Love you!  I really want to study more but I think with this new transfer I will have more time to study. 
This game was so much fun!  President was awesome to hang out with.  Someone in our zone made our shirts, they really turned out Amazing!! 
    This will be the first time I will be showing an area.  It has been six weeks in this area.  I know my new companion a little bit, he is super chill and he knows one of the Peruvians in our district.  Every six weeks we have a transfer, the next one is on December 24th.  Crazy huh! 
Talk to you later.  Love you guys!!



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