Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love, true love. Alright now that we got Princess Bride out of the way let us talk about love that is not mushy and gushy. I learned that this week Heavenly Father wants us to work for the greater things in life. Now I am only 18 year old kid, in another country, trying to learn a language, for I might add is a cause I would do all over again. But I know that Love is not always seen, heard, or talked about. Now where am I going with all this you might ask, well let me tell you!

This past weekend we had a baptism. We were going over to the church to drain the water and wash it down before the baptism at 11 am. Usually you can just drain it and wait for 40 minutes and you are good. Well we did not have that opportunity, the machine was not working. So I literally started grabbing a bucket and just started throwing it outside of the church. Well my companion caught on and we soon went to work. Three hours later being soaking wet in very dirty water, it was empty and clean. Now we got to fill it right? Wrong, the water didn't work.

Oh what a wonderful world! The water in the whole church wasn't working, I love Mexico! I really do! Then we are freaking out because we have only 3 hours to fill up a whole baptismal font without any water. Well we went to the apartment changed into clean clothes came back and just hoped for a miracle. The miracle came because Heavenly Father always fulfills his promises when we do our part! Three men who maintain the church came, fixed the problem, and we had a great baptism. 

This life is not easy, sometimes you show your love for a person even if they will never know. But there is two people that will always know your actions Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When you put in your love filled work he will always bless you. I hope we will follow the example of King Mosiah, in Mosiah  Chapter 6. I love you all and I pray for you daily! Hope to hear from you soon! 

I'm here!  The computers stink here.  I am doing great!!  We had another baptism.  It went really well.  The young man we baptized is 13, his mom is a recent convert and he makes the second member of the Young Men's presidency.  
The Spanish has been getting better thanks to Heavenly Father.  I bore/gave a talk on Sunday for seven minutes and people said they understood 85% of it!  Pretty Sweet!!!
We just got approved for a new apartment that is bigger, cleaner, newer, and with a huge fan!!!!  I LOVE LIFE!!! Hopefully we will be in at the first of the next month.  I am doing great here in Mexico, still can't believe how time is flying!  I love it!  It is so different here, the food is just really weird.  Ha! Ha!  The weirdest thing is Iquana and Monkey.  I can't help it, I have to refuse the Monkey.  Sometimes they make me feel bad but I just can't do it.  I am going to buy a hammock soon they are super nice and great to sleep in.  We save money on food here but we spend more money on taxis! Crazy!
We have two baptisms this weekend and we should have one more before transfers!!  I'm pretty excited :)  I'm am going to miss winter so bad, I'm probably going to buy a  Christmas tree here.  Just a small one of course but I am excited!  How is Luke, Shelby,Dad and Bailey?
It has been raining a lot here and very hot, so the weather hasn't changed.  Oh, i went to the hospital again!! I punctured my head doing a pull up onto a nail.  But I am doing good, Yeah I got stitches!  Three!  It cost 200 pesos to sew up.
Glad to here bailey is having fun at work.  The Cottam's are amazing!!!
I love you and I got to go,  Talk to you soon.
Le Amo Mucho,
Elder DeVries

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