Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Now before you think that I am all calling you to repent, hold on and hear me out. Sin in Spainsh means without. Now when you think about it in English it is very closely related. When you SIN you are WITHOUT the help of God. I do not think that, that is a rare circumstance, I believe it is a hidden treasure from our Loving Heavenly Father. We must cast of the Natural Man, because it is a enemy to God. Now I am not saying I am perfect, but I will say that we should all try to progress and continue to shed off the shell of who we can become. It is simply knowing that you are in the wrong and wanting to change. It is not easy, it is never easy to change but when you sincerely have the desire and work with Him, every thing is possible.

 I talked to a man today, that has been in and out of jail since 15. Luckily he lived in the US, so I was able to talk to him very well in English. I told him that if he needed anything, just call us and then I felt prompted to share more. I taught the Restoration and he truly sees the importance of it. One of the greatest things that we must do is be able to look at the best in everyone. Now this man has been in out of prison, but he is still a son of God. Always look for the best in everyone. Now I am not saying that I am perfect in this aspect but it is one of my goals I have had since Day 1 of my mission. But it also something that I know I will work on for my whole life, because things are not just given but rather maintained. You must have goals in your life or you will never progress. 

Now were am I going with all this you might wonder, well I will tell you. Do not every give up on yourself, on your goals, on your potential, and sin. Yes, it is very blunt but it is very true. The desire of Satan is to bring you down and be comforted in this world of worldly things. The desire of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and many others including a missionary in Villahermosa Mexico is for you to be not apart of the World but simply upon it. Do not ever think that it is easy, but it is easier through the gospel. I invite you to read the words of John 15:15-20. Ponder upon and it and pray for the strength to be above the world and help your friends also to reach your unlimited potential. I guess that is why if we try our hardest in this life we are given an eternity to progress. I love each and everyone of you and I testify that this Church is true, that Jesus Christ is the Head, that their is a Prophet named Thomas S. Monson and 12 apostles called of God to fullfill his work. Until we meet next Monday, Peace! 
The new apartment. The kitchen.

The Porch

Lunch at Dominos, best day ever!
My week went pretty good, we have a baptism coming up and we have two others which will go through hopefully and one really shaky one in November so we have time to change that. I am in Minatitlan in a colina called Hidalgo. it is in Veracruz. The elders haven't found a place and they got extremely sick so we stayed with them Saturday and got them medicine. They slept all of Sunday, and they are feeling a lot better. The members are way cool and they feed us a lot. I still don't know if that is a good thing.... We had Stake conference Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we had Zone class and I got my package and  your letter!!!!! The best thing in it was my picture that Luke drew. I love it and it is in front of my folder. But today I talked to a man who lived in the USA for 23 years and he really is interested, hopefully I get to baptize in English. Ha ha. Tell Luke happy birthday again.
Lovin Life!

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