Monday, October 14, 2013

 Transfers this week!!!            
  Saying Goodbye to all my ward members and
friends in Frontera!Hey I am doing great. I am in Minatitlan across,and to the side of our mission in Veracruz. I took ADO,it took four hours going high speed. I am exactly in Hidalgo part of Minatitlan. My companion is Elder Zuniga. He is from El Salvador and has been out for 14 months. He is very calm but we will see. The apartment is pretty rough, I am about the bucket shower life some days ha ha!!! Crazy huh! The city is very nice and busy but it is a little more north so it is a little less safe but our area is way out from the city. Our area is tiny! but it has four missionaries in it. General Conference was great, I saw three of the four in English. I watched it in the stake center and Spainsh in our ward. I am kind of nervous for sure and I have practically no time to study and my companion is all about numbers and he doesn't even really know it but I am going change that and make our goal conversions. He is amazing don't get me wrong but he just pushes the gospel on people sometimes. He really is great and outgoing though. We didn't link up last week ha ha! The transfers are crazy with President Morales usually I am suppose to stay in my zone for at least 3 transfers but he has changed everyone out of their zones. Pretty crazy! I saw elder Smith when I got off the bus it was really good to see him. I will be hear til November 10th at least if not til Christmas.
Goodbye to good friends and companions.
Saying Goodbye!

Primary in Hildalgo.
 I have two Americans in my apartment while they are looking for a house because their area got split and the sisters got their house.  No, not even the church has hot water.  Our fridge here is the size of carry on luggage.  So I just keep my milk and tomato juice in there.  Mom my apartment will get changed this month, I am just enduring to the end!!! ha ha!  It is fun but the bathroom schedule is messed up.  The members here feed us lunch and dinner.  The Relief Society sets our meals up.  There is also a return missionary who does our laundry. I love it here!

The roads here are not nice for my shoes because we walk on gravel, trash, cement and everything else under the blue moon.  They will last though.  The weather is amazingly cooler here, it is raining right now.  The city has more people, our area is like 1/20th the size of Frontera or less.  It is really small town but the church is bigger now than in Frontera.

The best part about General Conference was the promise that if members prayed exactly for people and acted then we could bring millions in by Christmas.  K CYA Love you!!!

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