Monday, July 29, 2013

Hey Family!
How are you guys?  I'm loving life her in Mexico!  I am in the Lord's hands.  We had a baptism last week, she was baptized by her boyfriend.  We are now searching for another conversion.  The people here change fast when they read, pray, and show their faith by assisting the church.  When the Lord sees their acts of faith, he puts people in their life that will help them.  I get to go to the temple this Thursday and I am really excited!  The retention in newly baptized members is not good and we are working with the members to fix that.  There is a clear difference between those with the gospel under these harsh circumstances and those who don't have the gospel.  They don't know there purpose.  It is a humbling experience for sure and I know I was sent here to help the lives of many people as I serve diligently.

Send me a picture of the family every so often, that way when we write I can see you guys.  I'll be honest I wish I could see Luke and have air conditioning.  It is so hot here!  It hasn't rained a ton this week.  We just went to town and bought food because we were starving this past week.
I have taught more lessons than I can even count.  My Spanish is not great but I am working on it!  We are the only Americans in town.  My companion got over his kidney issues and he can really speak Spanish great!  He is amazing!  I am in the humblest part of the mission and I love it!

The church is the nicest building in the city of Frontera, hands down!  I love the bathrooms in the church they are awesome.  We do our laundry at the Bishops house.  We have hot showers in our apartment, supposedly we are the only ones in the whole mission.  We listen to music every morning!  It is really fantastic to listen to music but I haven't found a ukulele yet!  I really want one!
Tell everyone I love them and if they love me they will send skittles, air heads and american candy. Here the only candy we can get is hot chili pepper flavor.  It is like a hot chili on a stick.
Love you!  Talk to you next week! KCYA!
Elder DeVries

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