Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hunter is now in Mexico

Dear Mom and Dad and Family,

Well I have made it to Mexico. The land full of  words I don´t understand, weird food, and the new found brothers and sisters. First thing you need to know, I am not in Kansas anymore or Utah. I am in the poorest part of a third world country called Frontera, Tabasco, Mexico . The first night I got here, I stayed in the humblest apartment ever and if the internet works here than I might be able to up load the pictures. But yea the first night was the hardest. I haven´t felt sick yet ( knock on wood) but yea it´s pretty crazy here. I love the people so much.  My trainer is amazing Elder Shuler from Florida, Tallahassee area, he has been out for 6 months.  We are the only missionaries in this area. He was a professional Call of Duty player that let´s just say made bank before the mission. He is amazing and helps me out a lot. I don´t know what I would have done with a Mexican trainer. It has rained off and on here. Yesterday after Church, it was a down pour and we were walking through certain parts just soaking my shoes. But it´s all a part of the mission life.  I love it.! The days are long but short, it's weird.  We have taught quite a few lessons so far, no baptisms dates yet. We could baptize but me and my companion agree that we would rather that they be converted to the gospel and then baptism them. So in other words love the gospel not the greengos. But yea, I am doing great. I did my laundry(really weird how I did it) this morning and shopping. I am pretty frugal shopping right now, I bought two jerseys and shorts for 150 pesos for like 12 bucks. The members feed us a lot though. It's crazy,  I can´t really tell you what I ate but I haven´t got sick so yep I love life! But yesterday, we went out and talked to someone because we got a referral (very important part of missionary work). The person that was referred was not there but we talked to his brother. My companion shared most of the lesson and I shared my testimony and what I did know how to say. Then my companion asked him to be baptized and he said he would be. I was just in shock, now that does not mean he is going to be baptized but it does mean he actually felt the truth. He told us that he wanted  a change in his life for him and for his family, and that this would be a good change for him. Anyway, I love it here in Mexico. Keep emailing. I still have 30 minutes left.
We buy huge things of water for 25 pesos that is good clean water. Then we buy our groceries from the market. I hate the mangoes and  some other fruit here but there are new fruits I like.   Church was great, it was a ward of six hundred members but only eighty in the chapel.  Our apartment is the nicest in the mission I am told and I made it even better by cleaning it.  I was glad you gave me the cover to zip around my mattress because it was gross.  I wear my sandals in the shower.  My fridge is good just old.  My cash I exchanged today.  You will have to write the mission address if sending a stamp here in Frontera. Oh and email me sometime this week if I were to use a atm here with my card would it automatically transfer to pesos?  Yep I love life here.  I pray for everyone at home every day.  I love ya and tell the family hello!  I hope to read a big paragraph next week. K CYA!
Elder DeVries

While we were emailing I asked Hunter if he was taking time to laugh out loud and enjoy the crazy or just walking around with a deer in the headlights look?  He replied in true Hunter style... Oh I am enjoying it!, come on mom, I love life! 

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