Monday, July 22, 2013

2nd week from frontera

Mom hello from Mexico!   I am doing fine mom, I did tons of things this week.(Obviously doing his laundry with his comp is one!) We have a baptism tomorrow! Margerita she is 16 and very shy but called today and said she was ready to be baptized. My companion has been sick with a inflamed kidney but we are still working. I really have gotten over being home sick, I finished Our Search for Happiness! It was awesome! The spainsh is coming but we just do so much crazy that I don´t get as much study time as I´d like but whatever, it´s the Lord's work.
The following is a something I want you to put on the blog. I emailed this to a buddy but I think the spirit wants me to share it more.
Most important to prepare for a mission is the doctrine which is Preach My Gospel.  I promise that if you read it early in the morning each day with sincere intent to prepare, you will become an outstanding missionary. Right now you must study, pray, prepare, serve with the elders in your ward because you will be able to make a impact that you didn't even know, but make sure to tell them that you want to help teach and bear testimony k? Also learn about the Savior's life, if you read and study about his earthly mission then there is no doubt in my mind that you will know that you have been called to that area to serve and when trials and struggles and doubt settle in your mind once you get there it will vanish because of that knowledge that One  has felt what you are feeling and is oh so willing to make you excel in your mission if you but trust in Him.
I eat cereal, toast with ham and my candy from the mtc. But when we are at members houses, it can be anything from alphabet soup to iguana ha ha! Fish heads I said no too! I was not about that life!
Hunter's bedroom/closet/library
There is bread, the mangoes here are not great and tell dad that I am not in a rain forest that´s Plankey or something like that. I do eat apples but I forgot to buy them this week so yea. 
 No we don't ride the bus, our mission is huge, and yes we walk it! Oh do I get mileage on this shoes. 
Al right, so this is the Word for the week. Understanding. Yep and the book that I told you tell everything in our gospel so well in it.(Our Search for Happiness) Tell dad to send me a sports update or two k? Also who is bailey on a date with? Tell Luke I miss him the most out of the family, because you are all tied! Keep emailing I have ten minutes. 
What can I say? This work is like nothing else. It is hard but worth every second! I plan to continue many of the things that I have learned here in my everyday life! If you are wondering ¨Should I serve a mission?¨the answer is yes! Why, because this next two years are not about you, you become more humbled and hard working. But you also are preparing for your future and I promise that if you serve for two years to the best of your abilities then you will be blessed for the rest of your life if you continue to do what the Lord has asked. I love my mission and I honestly sometimes get home sick but I am striving not for baptisms rather for eternal families sealed in the temple, which the first step is baptism. I have been blessed to be sealed to my family for time and all eternity and I want to share that. Now if you are not a member of our family and you are wondering what is a temple? And what is it´s importance? Then read Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard. The book gives a simple but precise overview of our church.

Elder DeVries

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