Friday, August 9, 2013

Hey Mom!  Love you!  I am doing great!!  It is crazy how fast the time is flying huh?  Just read your email, thanks for the pictures!  Yes, I did clean the mold out of my fridge since last week.  I try every week to improve our living conditions.  I just got a terrrrrrrrrrrribbbble haircut today!!!  Oh, how I love my life!  I sent pictures of me and my companion, it was another hard week in the mission.   We taught many people and are progressing but we need to get the ward on our side, to help us in reactivation.  That is our goal for this Sunday!  I sent you a letter today, hopefully you will get it soon.  We did our laundry today and bought food and I got my great haircut! We get no time to relax but what can you do when you are on a mission. ha! ha!  The haircut will save me money!    

Church on Sunday I bore my testimony in Spanish.  Church is great we have air conditioning! ha! ha!  No, it is great to see the members.  We had 96 people in church.  Six were investigators and 16 less actives, we worked really hard this week.  96 is the most people we have had at church since April.  But it is really hot and everyone knows we have air-conditioning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
I have a deal with my companion, I cook and he washes the dishes!  Good trade off.  He hates pasta(Hunter lives for pasta) I can buy pasta for 4 pesos or 40 cents.  This is my ham and egg breakfast.

Sometimes it is hard to give lessons because we have to get permission from the man of the household unless they are working on the docks.  They work two weeks on the docks and two weeks off.  Sometimes it is tough but we just keep going!  The Lord is helping us so much, don't worry.  It is so worth it!!  I love every minute of it!  I just want you to help the missionaries as much as possible.  When I come home I want to do splits with them, because when a member is present it makes such a difference.  The members role in baptism should not be looked upon lightly.  Tell Grandpa I love him and miss him a lot.  I am re-reading the Book of Mormon with the intent of finding how to serve people better.  So good to hear Camille is loving life in Peru!( Camille is Hunters' friend who is serving a mission in Peru)  Also tell Bella's I love the oils and actually use them often.
Tell Al and Ramona I love them.  I wish I could send letters to everyone but they are so expensive, 40 pesos or four dollars for one letter.  Our area is huge, mom!  One of the biggest in area not population.  I don't think the mission budget applies to Frontera, we spend so much money on travel.  We walk so much, we can't have bikes because they would be stolen.  We rarely take a bus because it costs too much.

Love you mom, got to go!  Tell the family I love them and tell Luke I could still beat him up.(Luke is Hunt's 4 year old brother) KCYA!

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