Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This area is Amazing!!!!  We talk to so many people, but we came and opened the area. We only had 4 investigators and lots of references. Well I am doing good here in Carmen, we have a pet dog here that protects us he doesn't like anybody but missionaries! It is awesome!!! We have talked to over 100 people this week we contacted like crazy!!!  It was great!!!! Tell Angela congrats!!!! We teach a lot of people here it is great!!! They are so prepared and Elder Petersen is a champion at Spanish and helps me a lot!!! I am really blessed to be serving here!!! We walk by the beach everyday and we played basketball in the morning on the beach!!!! It is awesome!!!! I am doing great mom!!! I am learning a lot more Spanish and I am loving the beach life!!! We put 6 dates for baptism this week and we are excited for them!!! Our area is with a beach!!!! North Beach in English!!!!  Another great thing is all the american food.  They eat a lot of fish here, which is healthy but I really don't like fish.  Our apartment has air conditioning and a blender but no hot water but it is too hot for a hot shower anyway!!  We walk everywhere we go because taxis are like 5 bucks.   I am loving it and I am really learning a lot from the people I am living with and there are 8 of us here ha ha!!!! But we are totally obedient here and I love it for that!!!  We are teaching so many people!!!!  It is small but lots of people!!! ! 

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