Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lovin' Life
I am doing really great dad!!! We are getting ready to get into baptizing mode!!! We have two baptisms this week! Vivian and Carolina they are way excited and the husband of Sister Carolina came to church for the last two weeks! We had a great and tough week. My companion got sick and we stayed in a lot but we got a lot of great lessons in and I am really grateful for him. We are improving our Spanish and we are getting ready to baptize every week!!! I am super excited!!! I hope that everything is alright at home!!!! I love you guys and I am indebted to each and everyone of you for everything you have ever done for me to give me such a great example!!! I feel like the mission is mine and it is going by way to fast!! Love you guys so much!!!

Hunter's Apartment he shares with eight elders!

This is Chester the missionary dog.
My week was great!!!  A little tough but we have many new people we are teaching!  The great part of the area is it is easy to navigate the roads are in numbers not Spanish names.  The area is one of the best in the mission by living standards and in sights.  But my other areas in Frontera and Mini were never spoken of as pretty but they are amazing also.  This ward is about the work of salvation, it is awesome!!  We played basketball this morning it was super fun!!!  I got an elbow to the face. ha!ha!  General Conference was awesome and I can't wait to download all the talks and start listening to them.  We have 22 missionaries on the island and they make up our zone.  The members are awesome and feed us lunch everyday!!!  This is Chester he is our dog!  He guards the house while we are gone and plays ball with us!!  This area is way safer than my last one, I just didn't want to worry you.  They respect us here.  We have eight missionaries living in our house but we do have our own bathroom.  If you can, will you buy me a translator and a good grammar Spanish/English dictionary.  I don't just want to communicate I want to dominate the language!!!  Gotta Go!!! Love You!!!
The roof/ gym.

Basketball on the beach on p-days.

Basketball injury, It's all good.

Air-conditioning and a fan!

Study Time!

Look who I found Dad!

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