Monday, April 21, 2014

Barbecue on the Balcony!

Hot Dogs Anyone?

Chester in church dress!!

Getting ready for baptisms.

Little rain in Mexico.

 Buenos Dias!!! I am doing great!! We had two baptisms and one confirmation because one of them came late so they will be confirmed  next week!!! It was a fun week!!!  We shared a lot the video on and it helped us meet a lot of new people that we are now going to teach.  It was kinda a weird Easter, they really don't celebrate it here.  There are four of us missionaries in our ward, our companionship and the zone leaders!!!  It is awesome!!  Our apartment is like three different apartments together, it works out great!!  We didn't play basketball on the beach this morning because they are having a big fair on the beach today.  We are doing splits tomorrow with the district in Juarez, they don't live in our apartment.   We will see you all in three weeks!!  I wouldn't have  traded this experience for the world!!!   It doesn't feel like I have been gone for a year because the weather is always the same so I don't feel like time is going by.
We baptized on your birthday mom!!!!  
Got to go!!! Love you!!!

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