Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A year ago I graduated from High School!!! But now I am in a different country, speaking a different langauge, but teaching the same gospel. It is hard, I cant say it is easy. But sharing the gospel is a joy. I would like to share with you one of the best taught lessons I think I have had on my mission. Elder Petersen and I prayed 3 times for this Sister that had attended off and on for 3 years and had heard lots of missionaries. We prayed for the scriptures that would guide us to help her to accept a date. We taught her with many inspired scriptures and asked her to baptism for the 24th of May. She said she will be baptized but she won't accept a date. We asked her to pray right now and ask the Lord if she should be baptized. We put our heads down and waited patiently for 8 minutes and she couldn't say anything. Then me and my companion raised our heads and she was crying and told us I feel like I have a large burden on my shoulders but I will not be baptized this day. We explained that through baptism she could be clean of all her sin and that the Holy Ghost right now is testifying that you need to be baptized. But she said No. That was just sad leaving and knowing that we did our part and the Holy Ghost taught her, but Salvation is personal. We will pass by and see if she can get her ready for June. 
Missionary Living!! Bedroom/ office

Study time with Chester and a sandwich!

One pair of shoes worn through!

Chester the missionary dog!

Chesters 150 dollar chew toy!

The bridge. Only way on or off the island.

Ciudad del Carmen

Taking in the view!

Ideal scripture study!

Ciity at night!

Storm coming in!

Hamburger Heaven!!! First hamburgers in Mexico!!!! Love the members!

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