Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Area!!
My week was really great! I feel super old with 9 months in the mission and yes our investigators are getting ready for baptism! We are trying to plan to baptize every week so we need a date for the 22nd which we will put down this week and we have one for the 29! The seventy came and talk to us it was awesome and I am excited that he said everything I really needed to accept!  Heaven sent! and now we are exercising  and studying the language everyday!!!!  I am sooo happy!!!!! It is starting to get so hot like in the 90's sometimes with the humidity!!!  Love you dad and I hate to say it but the mission is just flying by!!!!

New Apartment!
Well we are trying to see what we can do before the transfer and trying to prepare for the next transfer and I am excited for General Conference!   We have a missionary coming home early because he has cancer in his femur in the ward today. I think God has a plan for each and every one of us and sometimes we get the rough end of the deal for a moment but then we will receive our promised blessing of happiness in this life or the next if we are obedient. 

The Kitchen
Hunter, so excited he has a microwave!

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