Monday, March 10, 2014

New Air Conditioner!!

Hunter's English Class

Learning to make a hammock!

Members hammock shop.

I really am so grateful for what I have had here in the mission and I am learning everyday!!! I just saw one of the photos from Frontera and one of our investigators got baptized!!!! It really is awesome to see the fruits of our labors come to harvest!!! Here in the ward we are building up again and trying to get everyone back into being one in unity!!! It is working out and we are really try to get work done here!!! For the week Monday we went to see the center of Minititalan and I found a air conditioner for a hundred bucks that uses water which is super cheap so now I can sleep good! Also We saw the river and I bought a bag because my other one broke. Tuesday we had District Class and It was great! Then we walked around in the hot sun!!! This week was super hot and I wanted to die but I am drinking plenty of water. We secured the date of our investigator for Saturday. Saturday night we talked with our Ward Mission Leader and he really wants to work, just got home from the mission and we are ready to go full speed!!! We also got return missionaries this week and they are really wanting to work also!!! I am doing great but we will see what the new changes bring!!! 
Today I would like to change something in my mission, I would like to write my thoughts and experiences of the week in a weekly email and then add a personal note for everyone. 

I have been shown that everyone needs the opportunity to learn about the gospel not just in the church, family home evening, or a appointment with the missionaries or any other perfect case situation. We need to make that situation when we sit by someone on the bus, walking by someone in the street, passing by the doctors office, or any moment that you see someone. Talk to them and give them something that WILL help their lives!!! This is a dawning promise in which I can testify is true, I know that if you show your love they will receive it in that moment or one day in the future. This is the way Jesus taught us, he had many things to do but yet he always had time to help the one. This week I had the opportunity to visit a less active named Juan Carlos with my companion and one newly released missionary. The lesson went great and I can see him back in the Church in April but we asked him this question ¨Do you know anyone who would  be helped from the message that we bring?¨ He told us yes and said Lets go! We literally got up and started talking to all the friends he had that weren't members of the church!!! We now have 3 new families we are teaching, and one 14 year old boy. If we would have never asked this small question we would have never had this opportunity!!! Just don't be afraid and do as the Savior would do ask with a sincere and loving heart if they also know anyone who could benefit from our message! Help the missionaries and help them always have people to teach! 

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