Sunday, November 24, 2013


I really don't have a good story this week but I will literally tell you what I think of the word Patience from my experience in Mexico. I love the culture and the people but the language is a thing of patience and something that challenges me everyday. I had a rough time with my last companion but I learned that when you show patience for people, good things happen. I was blessed to have 6 weeks and have 3 baptisms with my last companion. We didn't agree on a lot of things but I knew that I was here to learn and grow from the attributes that he had that would prepare me to become a better person, future husband, and father. I learned a lot in my time and I learned that we must show our patience and endure well and Heavenly Father will always bless us.
 I have been blessed with a new companion in which he knows a little English but wants to know it for a second language to study at BYU. I told him that I will help him and talk slowly in the house in Spanish. We are becoming very close and the work here is improving. When we show patience for others it is act of love. I love when the members show patience and help me with my Spanish, so when I am with a  investigator I can speak better. Patience is one of the Christ like attributes I am learning everyday and loving it. Love you guys and hope to hear from you soon!
Sounds like you had a fun week! I am early because that is how it is going to go on now. But anyways I love my companion we have a lot of new investigators that we are getting ready to have a date for baptism because our goal is to have 5 by Christmas. 
We are really working as a team, he can speak English and is really receptive and amazing. His name is Elder Juarez and he is from Guatemala. Our week went really bad from the numbers stand point but we are looking for a house and there has been a lot of flooding so we have been giving service. But everything is good where we live right now! I am doing great and the Spanish is coming little by little. The members here don't want me to leave so I am super happy about that. This transfer is only 5 weeks but I think I will stay for two more transfers. I hope so because I love my area. Tell bailey to break a leg that way people wont see her as a hotbox dancer. Sorry to hear about Luke!!!!! Love you and hope to hear from you soon! 
We have been helping move their things out of their houses, I gave them some of my food to eat. Our apartment is on the second store exactly for this reason of problems with flooding. My companion is awesome, he is super smart, wants to study at BYU  so I am getting him ready. His family all are members and he is the youngest. He is really chill but on the ball and wants to help me. 

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