Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hey Mom!  I am doing great!                                                      
Hunter one month in Mexico!  We are really making progress!
Whitney will love it in Little Rock, Arkansas, I have two friends 
that are going there.  Two kids called us handsome this week
which made us laugh pretty hard.  Mexico has really been great
and we had a great zone class last Tuesday.

I had a thought!
    We as members are missionaries therefore we are fishers
of men.  But how I look at this is this church is a ship that is similar
to Noah's.  This ship will save all those that are lost in the waters
of this wicked world.  We are the crew as members with the Prophet and Apostles as our leaders or captains.  Our goal is to continue to maintain the vessel and cast our own nets or life preservers to the people out in the waters.  To then get them aboard and dried off.  Then we show them that we have the bread of life and the everlasting spring that will always keep them well nourished.  Then we tell them they must go out into the storm on the top deck and work alongside the other members and continue to save more and more.

New Guitar!

Yummy Fruit!
My week was great, I forgot my journal. Sorry!  Church was fine, it was a lot of the same old same old.  I lost my card today, so they had to cancel my mission card today.  But thankfully I already got all the money off of it. ha! ha!  I get a new one in three weeks or so.  The store had peanut mm's for a good sized pack  for 6 pesos and when we went to the counter it rang up 25 pesos.  And I got two packs, so my comp and I spent 100 pesos on what we thought was a bargain.  The stores here are crazy honestly!  But I love it!  Been out 4 weeks it is pretty crazy how time flies!  I know it can't be the same old same old I live in a different country and speak a different language.  Everyday I see things that would make your insides turn out.  It is all part of this culture and somehow they survive and have xbox!!!ha!ha!  My companion has a parasite and he has been taking a million different kinds of medicine.  Hopefully they have found the right one.  They just keep giving you different ones and asking you what side effects you are having. CRAZY!  I am taking my vitamins and oils and praying I don't get sick.  We deep cleaned today, apparently it is rare for missionaries to really clean their house.  Well hope you are glad to know I am different and smarter than most, mostly just trying not to get some kind of disease.  I also got a guitar the other day!!  Send me some song tabs for the guitar in the mail and email.  Blake and Taylor should
be visiting soon.  I really wish I could hug you guys once
more, but I have work to do and I am pretty excited to
do it!!!  I love you give everyone a hug for me! Love You!

I am doing great!  It was a really rough week for my companion.  The people are great and I am humbled everyday by their circumstances.  The climate is hot and humid but I am loving it!  Dad honestly I had my heart torn out this week.  One of our investigators doesn't want to be baptized because he doesn't want to have the priesthood because it is too much work.  The people find it hard to see the blessings that come from the gospel even when we explain it.  It has been so hard I really want him to join the church.  The weird thing is he attends church every Sunday.  Anyway I am glad to see my apartment clean every night but Saturday and Sunday, I just let it go because we hit it hard on Monday.  I would like to see the Jazz final roster k?  Dad I really wish that I could get your guidance on certain things but I know that is all part of growing up for two years.  I love you Dad and hope to hear from you soon!!!

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