Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 It is short and sweet! The Holy Ghost can touch the heart of one and they will still be afraid to accept it! I was on splits Wednesday and we visited an old investigator and taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and taught to her needs. Then asked her if she would be baptized on a certain date and she she told me just as the Holy Ghost was touching our hearts, I don't know. Well I know she needs this and it isn't easy but I know that she will be blessed if receives it. So I follow my testimony and that of my companion and ask her if she thinks the Church is true. She said Yes. Then told her if this is The Church of Jesus Christ established that means this is the only church that has His power or authority to be baptized in His name, so will you be baptized by someone with this authority and she said Yes. Then I put down the date and she said she doesn't want to change her religion because she is comfortable with hers. I ask her if she has every attended our church, she said no. I ask her if she reads the Book of Mormon evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet and pray, and then attend this Sunday she would receive a an answer, she did not come! She was touched by the Holy Ghost and yet didn't come. Not the story that you expected right but I am here to tell you we won't give up but how sad is it when the Holy Ghost really touched her heart but yet she didn't want to exercise her Faith in the Savior and try to know. I humbly pray that we must always give the lessons with the Holy Ghost but I also can tell you that salvation is a personal choice. I just hope I will be the person to help them realize it is a choice worth taking! 

 My week went well I am learning a lot and I was able to be senior for a day in a division and honestly I felt the Holy Ghost so much during my day.   We just crushed it with the Holy Ghost in everyone of our lessons and we were able to say what we wanted to say! I think he is showing me what I need to become and who I should be.
Straining the worms out of the water!

We have worms in our water.  So we put towels over the spout and fill the bucket and use it.  Then the worms are filtered by the towels and we don't get them  on us. Hopefully!  I am being very humbled by this area, but lovin life!  I hope to never take clean water for granted.
Working hard to make contacts!  or   Casting pearls before swine.

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