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Never miss a chance to knock on a door!
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Very bold title right? But it's true no one can stop the work of God and I was given a great experience this last week. Sunday night we had an appointment with a new family so we planned on bringing the Family Graniel Torrez our convert family. As we were going to the other family´s house, they are renting the part in back. We came to the door to find that the landlord is a preacher and welcomed us in and then got the family for us. Little did we know that once the family that we came to visit sat down, he said "I would like to share a lesson on how your church is not the true church with the bible." Well my companion and I looked at each other and we were like it's a trap! As he started to try to start his lesson my companion said "We would like to start with a hymn and a prayer." So we sang and prayed. Then he tried to once again teach us. But my companion said "We would like to start with a scripture in James 1:5 that says.

..." Then we just got into the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. He tried to attack us with the scriptures but while he was doing that, the spirit wasn't there. He said that we must baptize in the only the name of Jesus, because the Bible has many scriptures that contradict. But I told him, we must baptize by the authority of God, that is only given to men by the placement of hands.  Then he started again saying other reasons and I asked him "What did you understand I then said we must have Prophets, Apostles, and Revelation to go along with it. Because by the revelation we can know the correct way to direct the work of God through his ordiances. Then are converts started talking about the importance of Joseph Smith and how god restored his church once again on the earth and how we can know it throught the Book of Mormon. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray about it with the Moroni 10:3-5 challenge?" He couldnt say anything because he didn't listen. So we offered to give him a Book of Mormon so he could know for himself. He rejected that and started up again, but before he could I asked him "Do you have the authority of God?" He responded "I dont know." From that point on we testified and stopped wasting our time because they weren't listening. As we left the family that we came to visit came out and the mom started to cry. She was saying I am so sorry, we are looking for a different house, they are just not very nice people, we know the book of mormon is true!!!!!!!! Ding ding ding! What did you just say???? After 1 minute of crying they started laughing with the Family Graniel Torrez and told us they want to go to church so they will ask for Sundays off! Then they said we would like to be baptized!!!! They arent married but I think we can work on it!!! No one can stop the work of God. Especially when Members, Missionaries, and the Holy Ghost work together. 

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