Monday, September 15, 2014

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So what we did this week is we went on 3 divisions (Splits)! It was crazy but we ended up having a great week in our área and the other elders got new investigators from the people we contacted on the divisions. Sunday we went around with a kid named Helaman who is getting ready for the missión, and so many miracles happened!!!! We got old members coming up to us saying we have kids that arent baptized, we got people to accept baptisimal dates, we found new people, and we heard a shy young man give a powerful testimony to random strangers. I have no doubt that if we work with faith then God completes or does His part! I love that! I was Reading a lot in the bible and the book of mormon this week and I found that I just get excited when Christ is just telling people to repent because he knows it is the only way they can come to His kingdom. You didn't hear him ever say well for you I willl give an expection. No everyone needs to be baptized by the authority of God and endure to the end! Let your Works be a light and a strength for others to be apart of this Kingdom. Lets invite everyone we know to come to our homes and watch General Conference! This is it,invite your friends! The time to act not think. I know this to be true, because I feel it to be true. The name of Jesús Christ Amen. Elder DeVries. ​

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