Monday, January 12, 2015

Lovin' my new area! CARDENAS!!!
 Hey Mom,

Doing great! I love the new área. There is a lot of work to do here! They haven't had a lot of success in a while but we are here to change that! Sunday was really kind of weird but good. Like I gave a talk because there is only 50 people and a lot are unworthy so my companion had to do the sacrament prayer. We are working really hard and should have a baptism on the 24th of January. We are trying to look for new investigators and reactivate the Ward. I feel like we will be helping out a lot here. The bishop already has a lot of trust in us. We are pretty pumped and ready!!! We are getting ready to make this área the best in the missión! I am doing great. We have a washer in the house!!!!! Air Conditioning but we got to figure out if we pay or not! We will keep working hard here!!! No hot wáter, it is ice cold showers! It has been raining for a week now! Pretty crazy!

Love that you had the missionaries over, we will keep up that tradition when I come back!!! How is the family? Everything is fine! I just love the missionary life and I am trying to make every minute count here! Spainsh 24/7 again! I love it! I know the language a lot better now! Well  everything is good!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

The Cardenas Mission!

First washer in my mission.

First time it is cold enough for a sweater.

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