Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chester made himself a new home!

Zone Leader Conference
Well I had an experience that is for sure. We played soccer on the beach in the morning and we always play without shoes but I went for the ball and I stepped on a piece of glass. I was just going for the ball that was right out side of the field. It started to bleed a little bit but then I just went home and washed it out and wrapped it up with some stuff mom gave me and I slid it back into place but I can still feel the little cut. So I learned  you have to look where you are going always, so you can get to your destination without harm. Now I relate this to our investigators, we have to help them see the whole picture or guide them and prepare them for lifes' unknowns such as temptations. That is our goal to have converts that stay strong and when they fall down they know how to get back up.   ( I just need to have someone tell me where the glass is at. ha! ha!) 

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