Tuesday, July 1, 2014

That is awesome mom!!! I am sooooo excited for everyone that is leaving on their mission. I think they will love it..... nah I know it!!! I think I am still getting the hang of being a missionary. I had to go to Villahermosa this last Tuesday for a Special Conference for District Leaders. So we went to the ADO where we traveled on the bus to every city in the mission, we were in a companionship of three. So I got the seat by a random lady and President had challenged us to contact everyone and a six hour Villahermosa trip ended up being a long contact. So after we past by Frontera, Tabasco I decided to start up the conversation and I am grateful I did. I was able to have the Holy Ghost as my companion and he taught a great lesson. It was the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesús Christ and I gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it. She accepted and she was so interested. So I invited her to be baptized, she said Yes!!!! She said she would be baptized if the book is true and if the missionaries pass by and visit her. I got the reference and after the conference I asked  President if I could call the missionaries to pass by that day. He handed me the asissants cell phone and I called up the Elders. Now I don't know what happened from that point on but I do know she now has the opportunity to learn more about the góspel and know for herself that it is Gods Church! I know this work is His and I am happy to be a missionary! ​
June 21st Baptism Day!!!
June 28th Baptism Day!!!

Forever Families!!

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